10 Travel Hacks you should Know about in 2018

Travel Hacks

International or domestic travel is a lot of fun, and many people regularly go on vacations to different parts of the world. Travelling, often, is a pastime for many people and as the world is become a much more accessible place, travelling to different cities and countries and exploring new exotic cultures and cuisines is an enriching experience.  

People who travel all the time develop some travel hacks to make the travel plans more comfortable and convenient and get the best possible experience out of the trip. The following are some of the travel hacks that help tourists while travelling to new locations around the globe. Like the other year, I went to Greece. I visited Syros and Naxos which are the epicentre of island hopping in Greece.

Plan In Advance

While planning a trip, it is essential to plan. Air tickets and hotel bookings are significant components of travel. There are many travel websites available online that help customers get the best possible deals. These websites show the cheapest possible airline tickets available, the best hotels, reviews of hotels and also discounts for hotel rooms that are not directly available. Some sites show all the prices of airlines and hotels in one place. Customized apps also help travellers to get good seats on aeroplanes. Regular tourists can even get airline miles to get discounts for air tickets.

Roll Clothes

A great travel hack is not to fold clothes but to roll them and put them in the suitcases. Rolling the clothes instead of folding the clothes creates more space in the luggage. This valuable space saved can help you pack more in a smaller area making the baggage more compact.

Scan Documents

Travellers travel to distant lands with just their luggage and documents. Many times tourists misplace their documents, or their luggage gets stolen, and they are in a fix in a foreign country. Scanning all the travel documents, identification documents and keeping them on the email account is a sensible option. Also maintaining photocopies of financial information like credit and debit cards is advisable.


First Aid kits are quite essential for travellers to take on their trip. This is a great travel hack as it helps travellers with minor health issues during the trip. First aid kits should include throat lozenges, antacids, cold and cough medication, band-aids and anti-allergy medications. First aid kits must consist of small scissors, gauze, bandages, tape, tweezers, and antiseptic creams. This will help travellers at the time of a medical emergency.


Hotel rooms do not have many plug points for different electronics. Plug points in different countries also vary. So carrying a plug point adaptor is essential for travelling to different places. Also, if there are very few plug points to charge electronics in hotel rooms, charging the phones or laptops on ports available on modern TVs is a great idea. Keep electronics in the hand luggage and not in the checked baggage as they are safer in the hand luggage. Carrying an extension cord is also a good idea.


Nowadays ATMs are available in most countries very easily. Using local currency is always the right choice. Local currency makes it easier to spend money in a foreign country.

Storing Money

Many times travellers carry cash with them on trips. There is always a danger of losing a wallet or pickpockets stealing money. The best idea is to keep money in different locations in the luggage that are not obvious places to keep the money. This way even if one wallet is stolen or lost there will be money in the other compartments of the luggage.

Type of Clothes

Travellers often travel with loose and comfortable clothing. Cargo pants, t-shirts, long skirts, tops, and shorts are perfect for travel. Carrying a sweater and a jacket is a good idea in case weather changes on the trip.

Jewellery & Accessories

Carrying jewellery is difficult on a trip. It gets tangled in each other and is very difficult to carry in a bag. The best way to carry jewellery is in a pill container. Pill containers have individual compartments which are perfect for storing jewelry. Similarly, bobby pins, hair bands, and even money can be stored in pill containers.


It is always a good idea to carry a toiletries bag and makeup bag with all the necessary items. Do not carry extra makeup and too many toiletries, just the basic that everybody needs is enough. Anything else can be bought on the trip. Carrying too many lotions and creams can get messy if something spills while travelling.


Travel hacks help travellers have a smooth and happy journey and also save time, and money during the trip. If people are travelling for the first time, they do not know many of these travel hacks. These travel hacks make the overall experience of travelling to a new place much more enjoyable, relaxing and fun. Travelling is easy, and if people plan well, the trip can go smoothly.