3 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Sri Lanka

Travelling to sri-lanka

Great things come in small packages and the island nation of Sri Lanka is proof of that statement. The country, situated right above the Indian Ocean, is a teardrop-shaped landmass that is an amalgamation of culture, tourism, and great seafood. The capital of Colombo is a melting pot of different influences that have inhabited Sri Lanka for years, and there are so many things to do here that you may need to have a list before you even plan a trip. Which is why this list aims to cover as much as it can, regarding the most essential things that you need to know before travelling to Sri Lanka.

The country is a land of opportunities, and this list tells you exactly why! From the popular hotels in Narahenpita, Colombo, to the UNESCO sites of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka will not disappoint you at all when it comes to giving you the perfect travel experience.


Sri Lanka is known for its fresh produce and seafood, and this might not be a surprise as it is surrounded from all sides by the Indian Ocean. The cuisine is quite often compared to general Indian cuisine found in the coastal regions of the country, but the taste is milder and has the use of different spices. Quintessential dishes in Sri Lanka include curries, rice and roti, string hoppers, which is a lacework of steamed rice noodles and kottu. The latter is a carb-heavy diced roti dish which is often served with vegetables, eggs, or chicken. The fresh catch from the Indian Ocean and an abundance of wonderful tropical fruits make most of the country’s delicious food offerings.


Travelling around Sri Lanka may get time consuming but it is nothing short of fun. For travelling around the cities, the preferred mode of transport is tuk-tuk. The tuk-tuks are three wheelers that are the life of transportation in the small island country. These vehicles can go to a lot of places that cars or taxis cannot, which will give you an intimate and adventurous ride around the city, full of exploring opportunities. For inter-city travel, though, there are a lot of trains that connect to smaller towns and give you a beautiful view of the country’s landscapes that range from swaying palm trees to lush, green valleys all in a span of hours.

Tourist Spots

Don’t be fooled by the country’s size! The tourist spots more than make up for the small island country’s surface area, with UNESCO heritage sites like Sigiriya or the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. You can also lounge at Colombo’s multiple beaches and stay in its popular neighborhood of Wellawatta hotels. The ocean also offers a lot of opportunities for surfing and snorkeling among other watersports. You can also explore the ruins and history of the country through its various museums, and the experience is best gauged when you live in one of the many Yoho Bed hotels or hostels which provide all the modern facilities at an affordable price.