4 Vacation Must-Haves That Don’t Go in Your Luggage


Technically, all you need to go on vacation is an airline ticket, a valid passport, and an overnight bag. Those who are used to jumping onboard a flight at the spur of the moment might even have a carry-on suitcase that permanently stays by the front door. Most times, people pack according to where their travel destination is. Going to stay on the beaches of Bora Bora? Then there will likely be several swimsuits in your suitcase. Those preparing to climb Mount Everest will certainly have thick socks and thermals packed up. Coincidentally, there are other items that you should take along with you no matter where you go, such as travel insurance and medical ID cards. If you only want to experience the types of adventures that are planned while on vacation, here are four important items you can’t leave home without.

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  1. Travel Wallet

Your cash, identification, credit cards, and return airline tickets need to be kept safe and secure in one central location but carrying these items in a standard wallet isn’t a good idea. Just turn on the news and listen to the number of people who have been mugged or stolen from locally. Consider how much easier it can be to be targeted when you are outside of your familiar neighborhood and traveling a foreign country. Use a travel wallet to conceal your valuables and to avoid being pick pocketed and being stranded while on vacation.

  1. Travel Insurance

What happens when you’re at the airport ready to fly to your destination and you find out that your flight has been cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions? The same can happen just weeks before you’re set to go on a cruise. Even worse, you can arrive safely in another country only to learn that your luggage can’t be found. Instead of begging, borrowing, and stealing so that your vacation isn’t ruined, travel insurance can be used to make everything right.

  1. International Cell Phones

If you want to stay in contact with loved ones back at home while on vacation, you’ll need to have access to a couple of important things. First, you have to determine the difference between time zones and coordinate your calls so that both you and your family will be available. Next, you will need an international cell phone or at least an international calling card to make phone communication affordable.

  1. Medical Identification Cards

You may be as healthy as a horse, but you don’t want to take any risks when you’re thousands of miles away from your primary health provider. Medical identification cards list allergies, medical conditions and all other information that is vital to medical professionals. These cards can save lives in situations where travelers have become incapacitated, fall into a coma, or suffer from trauma.

Whether you’re going on vacation to get a break from your family or to visit your loved ones, there are certain things that you have to bring along no matter where you go. Pack conservatively so that you have a little extra space leftover in your luggage. This will make bringing home souvenirs a lot more convenient.