4 Ways To Avoid Staying In A Hotel On Your Next Vacation

Cabin Rental

Most people sit at work day in and day out counting the days until they can escape their daily life and finally take that vacation they’ve been dreaming about all year.

This is meant to be a relaxing time and nobody wants to go through the trouble of finding the right hotel that’s closest to their destination and in their price range just to settle for whatever room they have left. Well here’s 4 ways to avoid staying in a hotel on your next vacation.


Airbnb is an online marketplace where you can lease or rent short-term lodging and it is an amazing alternative to renting a hotel. Unlike at a hotel, Airbnb offers an incredible variation of properties to rent such as houses, cabins, and apartments so if you’re someone who doesn’t want to listen to loud neighbors in the room next door or maybe just wants a little more space and privacy this might be for you.

Cabin Rental

If you’re the kind of person who likes to enjoy some nice scenery while on vacation this might be the option for you. Places like Ski Mountain Chalets offer incredible cabin rentals at their location in Gatlinburg, TN. Why confine yourself and your family to a stuffy hotel room when you could have a gorgeous log cabin or chalet all to yourself and wake up to some of the most beautiful views you could imagine.

RV Rental

Maybe you don’t plan on staying in one place for your whole trip or maybe you just want more freedom than any hotel can offer and you want to be able to park your room wherever you want. If this sounds more like you than maybe renting an RV or motorhome is exactly what you need. Why commit yourself to one hotel room for the whole time before you even arrive on vacation when you don’t even know if you’re going to like it there or not. Renting an RV will give you the ultimate freedom to bring your room anywhere you’d like and move it as many times as you want.


Camping is for the person who really wants to escape their day to day life and just become one with nature while enjoying some fresh air and peace and quiet. If the idea of sleeping in a tent and cooking on an open fire doesn’t scare you away then a camping trip will most likely leave you with memories you’ll never forget.

Now that you have these ideas floating around in your head make sure to get creative. Don’t settle for less by just booking any old hotel room. Let out your inner adventurer and go have some fun.