5 Essential Places to See on a Cuban Revolution Tour

Cuban Revolution tour

The Cuban Revolution officially lasted from July, 25th 1953 until January, 1st 1959. It’s not only a significant political event in Cuban history but also an important occurrence for the entire world as it ended up with a socialist government ruling the island. Being located so close to America, the country prized for its democracy, the communist society of Cuba stood out and does so still, despite numerous political changes. If you are one of the travelers who want to not only enjoy the beautiful Cuban nature, great food, and sandy beaches but to learn about the Cuban Revolution, you must see some of the important historic sites located in different parts of the island.

5 Places to See in Cuba When Studying the Cuban Revolution

1. ‘Che’ Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a city located about 170 miles to the east of Havana is where the final big battle of the war took place in December 1958. This is where Fidel Castro and Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara finally won their guerilla war. This is also the final place of rest of the renowned revolutionary ‘Che’ Guevara. His remains were transported to Santa Clara in 1997 from Bolivia, where he was assassinated 30 years prior. There are a mausoleum and a museum where you can learn more about this formidable man and the mark he left in history.

2. Revolution Museum in Havana

Havana is a city deeply touched by the unrest of the Cuban Revolution, so you can find small reminders of it all over the place. Trained guides will point out the most notable of them during Havana tours. The Revolution Museum stands out among those due to its comprehensive collection of exhibits on the topic. It’s located in the former Presidential Palace and tells a story of revolution from its precursors to the very end. This is the first place you should visit if you want to understand the struggle of the Cuban people, which served as a fertile ground for the revolt itself.

3. Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana

The Revolution Square is the place where Fidel Castro addressed the public until not so long ago. This entire place is a monument to the revolution and it highlights just how big of a place it takes in the hearts and minds of the Cuban people until today. The place has murals of ‘Che’ Guevara and Camillo Cienfuegos, another revolutionary hero. The murals are grand works of art and you’ll be hard-pressed to find many bigger squares in the world. You can enjoy one of the best views of Havana from the top of Jose Marti Memorial Tower located here.

4. Bay of Pigs

The Bay of Pigs, Bahia de Cochinos, is one of the best places to see in Cuba for travelers from the US who are interested in the history of countries’ relations. This is where an invasion backed by the CIA tried to invade the island in order to overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime. The attempt failed spectacularly and is one of the main reasons for the sour political relations between two countries lasting until today. It’s also one of the events that affected progress of the Cold War.

5. Museo de la Luca Clandestina in Santiago de Cuba

Located on the opposite side of the island, Santiago de Cuba is the city where the actual Cuban Revolution started. Museo de la Luca Clandestina is a place where you can learn how it all began and see some artifacts from that day. This is one of the places to see in Cuba if you want to experience the deep sorrow of the revolution. Seeing pictures of the fallen and learning about the progression of fighting will make the subject from your history textbook real and incredibly sad.