5 Hustles You Can Take On While Traveling


Working on the road can be pretty tricky. After all, you want to find a gig that isn’t too burdensome on your schedule to give you the freedom and flexibility to do what you want but also pay the bills. Luckily, these positions aren’t nearly as hard to get as you might imagine. Here are a few examples of traveling hustles you could explore.

Virtual Assistants

 Perhaps one of the fastest growing remote jobs, becoming a virtual assistant can be an amazing gig for life on the road. As noted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there are approximately 3.9 million administrative assistants and secretaries in the US, and despite the sheer volume, this is still a position in high-demand. The skill set required for this will mainly deal with being able to organize, plan, and handle any last minute occurrences, which can be somewhat stressful at times. However, as long as you find a gig that complements your travel schedule, this could be a great opportunity for remote work.


 Another smart solution for earning money while traveling is by becoming a dropshipping supplier. This is a model of eCommerce wherein your store acts as the intermediary between customers and retailers. You clear the payments and send the shipping info, taking a little bit off the top. Although this is going to take some legwork to set up, it also allows you to be your own boss, which is always best when working remotely.

To set up a dropshipping business, you need to decide what type of store you’re going to establish and work on some branding. You’re going to have to charge slightly more than most wholesalers, so finding affordable suppliers will be crucial to bringing down your bottom line. Also, make sure to consider what type of management and marketing practices you will put in place to ensure you’re operational while on the road.

 Reselling Online

 Another online store route is becoming a reseller of what you find on the road, which can be a great source of income. As noted by the National Association for Resell professionals, this is an approximately $17 billion industry in the United States alone, which goes to show how much appreciation there is for recycling. No matter if it’s an Etsy shop or eCommerce store, making a habit of buying items and reselling them online might start bringing in serious revenue if you can dedicate the time to it.

The name of the game is to find sources for the best ROI, which might take time. For example, if you know that denim jackets are in right now and you’re in a town where the local Goodwill might have name brands in good shape, that $3 purchase could turn into a $50 sale. Whether you’re traveling internationally or staying domestic, flipping is an excellent way to earn some money.


 If you’ve got a knack for putting pen to paper, picking up blogging isn’t a bad idea. According to Payscale, your average writer makes around $50,863, which can stretch pretty far on the road. The more you develop your portfolio, the more you’ll be able to increase your rate, meaning you’ll get paid more to do less. Take a look at what topics you might like to start writing about and the publishers that might bring you on; although a writing gig might take time to establish, it can be a breeze once you’re there.


As a job that can be done nearly anywhere, coding is something you should consider if you’re looking for a gig to do on the road. Not only is it a skill anyone can pick up online, but it can also pay pretty well. According to US News, the average salary is around $79,840, which is a pretty sizeable paycheck. If coding has been something you’ve considered, try looking up some code schools or certifications.

A good place to start with coding schools is on basic languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With those foundational pieces in place, it can be much easier to not only start picking up gigs coding websites but also graduate to more of your passion projects as well. Try to dedicate at least a couple hours a day to this if you’re serious, because for accessible learning programming is, it also is one of the most competitive, which is why you need to learn as much as you can. However, once you get a good grasp on picking up gigs from the road, you’ll be bringing in good money in no time.

What work are you doing for your traveling lifestyle?