5 Recommended Places In Bangkok


Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is located in Southeast Asia. It is noted for its colorful street life, tantalizing local cuisine, and historic religious structures. Bangkok has been a popular destination both for tourists and foreigners with many places and things to do in the city. Your day would be amazing by staying at one of the nicest hotels in Bangkok. You can reserve many hotels in Bangkok with Traveloka. The Livotel Hotel in Bangkok should be the recommendation for you to stay. With a great view and easy access, these are the top 5 recommended places in Bangkok just for you.

1. Reclining Buddha Wat Pho

Every Bangkok visitor must visit Wat Pho. Here is a statue of the Reclining Buddha, fifteen meters high, forty-six meters long, and just over five meters in feet.

There are also 108 bowls inside the temple. Coins for the bowl can be purchased upon entry. According to legend, Buddha performed 108 wholesome activities on his way to attaining perfection. You can also stop by the temple for a traditional Thai massage while you’re there.

2. Chatuchak Market

For everyone who loves shopping, this is a must-visit place. But if you don’t like shopping, you can skip this location. This is one of the biggest markets with more than 8000 stalls and the area is very large.

This market is open every weekend and can attract around 200,000 visitors every day. You will find everything you want here, and interestingly, the prices quoted are not tourist prices but local prices. A map will be needed to avoid the possibility of getting lost in the market while you shop for hours.

3. Chao Praya River

Bangkok is known as the “Venice of the East” because of the Chao Phraya River that flows through the city and all the small canals that run through it. The river is Bangkok’s lifeline, and 50,000 people still commute to work on one of the many ferries that operate there.

The boat ride down the river is especially interesting as you may see high-rise condos and elegant hotels on one side and wooden huts and children playing in the water on the other. You are welcome to hop on and off at any of the boat stops to explore the city further.

4. Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is the most famous and a must-visit when you are in Bangkok. It feels incomplete if you move to another city without coming to the grand palace first. At one point, the palace became the residence of the king and the headquarters of the Thai government. A visit to the palace can take hours as it is almost 214,000 square meters. But outside the palace, you have to be on the lookout for possible scams and you only pay the entrance fee if you intend to enter.

4. Siam Paragon

It is an upscale shopper’s paradise, with a large selection of different stores for high-end fashion labels, the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, a large multiplex cinema, and a large selection of restaurants to eat at.

In this Mall, there are about 250 shops, most of which are visited by rich Thais and foreigners. Some luxury vehicle manufacturers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, even have dealerships within the complex. So if you have the extra cash and buy high-end stuff, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want.

Its busy streets, scorching heat, and noisy nightlife do not instantly make tourists feel welcome. Traveloka allows you to book hotels and tickets to a variety of destinations in Bangkok. However, first impressions in Bangkok can be deceiving. With stunning temples and palaces, huge canals, busy nightlife, and excellent shopping, it is one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities. So, are you planning a trip to Bangkok?