5 Things to Add to Your Hawaii Bucket List


Whether you’re returning to Hawaii or visiting for the first time, you probably have a bucket list of things you’re planning to do during your vacation. From luaus to helicopter tours, there are endless attractions to see and experience. Here are five great ideas to add to your Hawaii bucket list.

Luaus in Maui

Luaus are traditional Hawaiian parties or feasts that are typically accompanied by entertainment. Locals gather with friends and family to celebrate special occasions, including graduations, birthdays, and weddings. Naturally, a trip to Hawaii would be incomplete without experiencing a luau. And there are lots of opportunities to attend the best luaus in Maui during your vacation.

There are certain luaus in places like Wailea which have unobstructed views of the ocean. These luaus boast great photo ops, drum dances, hula, and other performances like the presentation of the Hawaiian wedding song. Plus, there are a variety of food options and sometimes there’s even an open bar.

Dinner cruise

Nothing says romance like a sunset dinner cruise. The Pacific Whale Foundation’s Sunset Dinner Cruise in Maui, for example, has great food and scenic views. The gorgeous tropical backdrop — the West Maui Mountains — makes the evening even more magical and romantic. The tickets include a four-course meal, complete with triple chocolate brownies that are topped with fresh Kula strawberries. All entrees are grilled onboard using the freshest ingredients, and the tickets also include three free drinks. If you’re travelling with a significant other, a sunset dinner cruise seems like a no-brainer.


There’s no better time to try your hand at snorkeling than during your vacation. The Molokini Crater is home to several fish species and a variety of coral. The site is part of the Marine Life Conservation District, where fishing is illegal, making it common to see huge schools of fish while you’re underwater. In addition to swimming with the fish, you can also swim with green sea turtles and Hawaiian spinner dolphins. Snorkeling conditions are ideal in the morning. The crew always provides breakfast or lunch, and they usually offer vegetarian options. If you’re nervous about trying something new, don’t worry: the crew will have extensive training, making them prepared for any possible situation.


Ziplining offers the perfect opportunity to see the most dramatic scenery in the state. If you want to immerse yourself in your surroundings, ziplining is ideal. Ziplining sites like Piiholo Ranch have extremely comfortable harnesses and soft landings with breaker boxes set in place to reduce landing speed. Many also offer tours for nature lovers, which include an eco-friendly zipline through the trees and walks along trails through the forest. If you’re feeling adventurous or looking for a thrill, zip-lining is something you need to experience during your vacation.

Helicopter tours

If you’re looking for a way to spend an hour, try a helicopter tour. Tours like the Air Maui Helicopters Cruise Island 60-minute Tour start by taking you over the south rim of the Haleakala Crater, leading to the scenic Waimoku Falls. The flight continues up the coast, which is filled with waterfalls. The tour then moves across the bay at Kahului, offering views of the Wall of Tears and the Honokahua waterfall. The company provides a casual and personal experience with exceptional service. In addition, the company films a live-action video of the helicopter tour that’s available for purchase after the flight.

It’s easy to stress over planning activities during a vacation. These activities are a must for any first-time visitor to Hawaii, or a returning visitor looking for a more immersive experience. In order to remain stress-free this vacation, buy tickets in advance and finish adjusting your itinerary before you leave. Once you land, prepare to relax and experience what Hawaii has to offer.