6 Must-Visit Museums in Chandigarh


Chandigarh, City Beautiful, has held our fancy and admiration ever since it was built. One of the few cities that was planned and designed in this country, Chandigarh has attracted tourists for numerous reasons. Some come to take a relaxing vacation in one of the 5-star resorts near Chandigarh, like The LaLiT Chandigarh, while others come to enjoy the vibrant food and art culture in the city.

Some are fascinated by the large parks and green spaces while others love the historic displays in the city’s museums. If museum visits are right up your alley, here’s our pick of the top 6 museums in Chandigarh that you must visit.

  • The Government Museum and Art Gallery – The Government Museum and Art Gallery located in Sector 10, Chandigarh, is one of the must visit museums of this city. The museum showcases a spectacular collection of art work including Mughal and Rajput paintings and sculptures dating back to the Delhi Sultanate times. Apart from this there are fascinating displays of fossils and other natural objects which reveal much about the history of this region. This museum was designed and built by Le Corbusier himself.
    • International Dolls Museum – Set up in 1985, the International Dolls Museum is another landmark that you must not miss when in Chandigarh. The museum is located in Bal Bhawan in Sector 23 and has on display one of the largest collection of dolls from across the globe. The miniature German train station right in the centre of the museum is one of its greatest attractions. Another fascinating display is a collection of dolls depicting popular fairy tales and stories from the Arabian Nights.
  • Chandigarh Architecture Museum – If you are on the look out for great restaurant deals in Chandigarh you may wish to visit Sector 10. While you’re there do drop in at the Chandigarh Architecture Museum to catch up on a fascinating chronicle of various architectural designs and artefacts. The museum showcases the key architectural elements incorporated in the design and building of Chandigarh post-independence. It also displays original correspondences and furniture dating back to the city-planning days of Chandigarh.
  • Natural History MuseumIf you are fascinated by the evolution of the planet, the early inhabitants of Earth (including dinosaurs), fossils and archaeology, geology and early human civilisation, the Natural History Museum in Sector 10 is a must visit. Not only will you find rocks and fossils dating back millions of years, you are also likely to come across a display of the excavations from the Indus Valley Civilisation, and remains of dinosaurs in this museum.
  • High Court Museum – The Capitol Complex of Chandigarh is by itself a fascinating study of urban planning, architecture, design, and history. Located within the complex (Sector 1) is the High Court Museum. This museum chronicles the social, political, and legislative developments of the country since its independence. This is done through a display of the history of the states of Punjab and Haryana and through a reconstruction of an original courtroom (of bygone times) complete with books, journals, furniture, and paraphernalia such as ancient typewriters.
  • Le Corbusier Centre –Le Corbusier was the Swiss-French architect and city-planner who was entrusted the responsibility of designing and building the city of Chandigarh, shortly after India gained independence. The Le Corbusier Center is a museum that displays this visionary’s original drawings and metal sculptures, his dreams for this new Capitol city, his correspondences and photographs, apart from ancient historical items found in Chandigarh as the city was being built.