8 reasons why Tasmania is rising on the top travel list


Being located 240km from the Australian mainland, Tasmania is one of the most remote touristic destinations you could go. It is a 68,000km² large area which offers so many sites where nature enthusiasts and art lovers can enjoy the surroundings in peace and quiet. You will simply be amazed by its wilderness, world-heritage sites and local food and beverages. If you need more specific reasons why Tasmania is awesome, here they are:

1. Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is definitely magical, but what will really take your breath away is Wineglass Bay. It is a hidden oasis surrounded by lush bushland. The white sand and the crystal clear water make a perfect opposition to the green trees. You will get the whole picture if you climb to the top of Mt. Amos or if you pay only $175 for a scenic flight. Don’t deprive yourself of this million-dollar view-

2. Bay of Fires

On the East coast of Tasmania, close to the township of St Helens, Bay of Fires offers a view that’s worth its name. Stretching from Binalong Bay in the south all the way to Eddystone Point in the north, it will provide you with an amazing scene where bright orange granite boulders look like they are about to burst in flames any moment. This unique view spreads some 50km along the coast, seamlessly disappearing into the clear blue ocean and framed with white sand. The best itinerary for you to take here would be a drive from Hobart, through the East Coast, and ending in Launceston.

3. Lavender Fields, Bridestowe Estate

If you will be visiting Tasmania at the beginning of the year, then put lavender fields in Bridestowe Estate on your bucket list. The impressive blooming lavender fields will surely make you feel like you are in a movie or in a fairy tale. February is the month when the fields usually bloom but sometimes they start blooming in late January.

4. Cradle Mountain National Park

This amazing park is located in the heart of Tasmania and it’s an absolute must for everybody who visits this island. Tons of adventures are waiting for you there – relaxing bushwalking experience, numerous slopes for skiers and snowboarders during the second half of the year, a multi-day trek to test yourself and enjoy the wilderness, glacial Lake St Clair and the alpine heathlands. In short, there are just too many incredible views for you to miss here!

5. Tasman National Park

Famous for its numerous tracks, this national park offers the view of some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. The most popular and the longest route is without a question the 3 capes walk, as it combines the wild beauty of sea cliffs with comfortable breaks that can’t be compared to any other in Australia. It’s a perfect combination of a challenge and hedonism. This 46-kilometer long route will take you through dry woodland, thick rainforest and then dazzle you when it leads you to the cliff edge close to Cape Pillar. There, you will get the feeling you are at the world’s end, with howling winds the restless ocean.

6. Port Arthur Historic Site

This is something completely different – the best-preserved convict site in Australia for the worst convicts opened in 1830. An hour and a half drive from Hobart, it includes several buildings for you to see, such as the silent prison, the asylum and the first juvenile prison. You will also get the chance to see how free men and military lived there, as the household building are also preserved. You can choose between a walking tour and a boat tour.

7. The Neck, Bruny Island

Bruny Island is just a short ferry ride from the Tasmanian mainland, starting at Kettering a few hours from the capital of Hobart. There you will see an incredible thing – “The Neck”, which connects the northern and southern part of the island.  It offers a 360-degree view where you can watch little fairy penguins and other wildlife. And let’s admit it – it’s so cool to stand there!

8. Tamar Valley Wine Region

Tamar Valley is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and enjoy the view of the surrounding rolling hills. If you find yourself in this region, you simply must visit its famous wineries. You can go on your own and taste a lot of delicious wines while talking to the locals and admiring the creatively built cellar door. No holiday is complete if you don’t taste the best local beverages!

Final comment

It is clear now why Tasmania is one of the most popular destinations in Australia. It is a hidden gem that gives you so many things – the history, the wildlife, the breathtaking views, the adventure. No wonder why Tasmania is making its way to the top of everybody’s travel list.