Always Wanted A Personalized Travel Map? Take A Look At This Scratch Map Collection


There is something about the word personalized, which makes all of us feel special. Everywhere you look, you will see people advertising about personalized stuff or harping about customized just for you. This is the age of personalization and you are probably one of those people who scoff at even the thought of getting something generic off the racks. So why not get a map of the world or any other place that you love, that will be only yours. No other friend of yours will have a travel map like yours. Now have we got your full-undivided attention?

Scratch Your Way To A Personalized Travel Map: Luckies of London came up with a simple and brilliant solution in 2009 for the people who have wanderlust (which is just about everyone these days) and still want to have a personalized experience. You have a normal travel map covered with a foil, you scratch the top foil to uncover the places you have travelled to. Scratching the top foil will uncover the colours of the countries below thus producing your very own personalized map of the world. We know very awesome.

A Map for Everyone:Luckies of London realize that just like no two people are ever truly alike, even though almost everyone seems to be in love with traveling, but everyone has different priorities and styles. That is why they have come up with many combinations, probably all the types you can think of. Not only do they differ in their styles, the travel maps also have various dimensions from mini versions to XL ones for those who always like bigger things. Some of the most popular scratch travel maps by them are:

  • More of A Modern Luxury Lover Traveller: If getting yourself muddy and all insect bitten is not your cup of tea and you are more of a city dwellers with love for skyscrapers and civilization, there is a travel map focusing on all the major cities of the world. And it is extremely classy with complete matte black look and once you scratch it, your eyes are greeted with blues, greens and reds. Or maybe you just love all things extravagant and you want your travel map to express that, then there is Scratch Map Platinum. For the more on subtle side, rose gold is your best bet.  
  • Customize the Travel Map Even More: There are options to even further make the travel map yours by marking your favourite spots or routes in the world (Platinum), add personal notes (Chalk) or for next level personalization, the travel map Clear is your bet on which you can even add in your own background.
  • Focus Your Travels At One Place At A Time: Love wandering the world but want to do justice to one place before you move on to the next one? There are country and continent specific travel maps too ! Please click to buy here.

Summary: Make the world your own background with the help of personalized scratch travel maps and the unlimited choices means you will find the one to your taste.

Author Bio: Hope Dodge is works in marketing and in her personal time, she likes to write about traveling to keep her own passion kicking.