Are You Looking for a Different Kind of Holiday Activity in Sydney

activities for kids at Sydney

School holidays can be tough to fill with interesting activities. Even if one has time off from work, finding engaging and stimulating activities that children will find fun, is not always easy. In fact, many families end up going to the same places, year after year, and having to put up with the complaints of their tired progeny! The good news is, there are still some truly innovative and fun things to do!

A Unique Sydney Experience

Whether you’re travelling to the city of Sydney to see family, or you live there already, it’s a big city filled with lots of stuff to see and do. Unfortunately, not all of it is appropriate for kids, and no parent wants to trudge around town with complaining kids or teenagers in tow! Fortunately, for anyone with a sense of adventure, there are things to do in Sydney that engage, stimulate, and offer plenty of learning and sightseeing opportunities!

If you love TV programs such as The Amazing Race and wish you could experience something like it for real, family activities with the Fantastic Race may offer the opportunity you are looking for! Fantastic Race is Sydney-based and is for anyone who enjoys a good live-action mystery. It’s also for those who like the idea of gathering clues and solving puzzles.

Why You Really Should Race Around Sydney

So, why would adults, teenagers, and children be interested in Fantastic Race located in beautiful Sydney? Consider the following:

  • Unique: First of all, Fantastic Race is a unique event like no other. If you have enjoyed similarly themed programmes on TV and have always wanted to have a go at it yourself, it’s a great way to experience a scavenger hunt.
  • Teams: The race is a timed event where teams and families compete against the clock and one another. This not only brings out the competitive spirit in everyone, but also serves to unite both teams and families together. What better way to bridge the generation gap between parents and children than to do something unique together that requires teamwork?
  • Stimulating: Part competitive race and part problem solver, this is an event that will stimulate both mind and body. Collecting clues, solving puzzles, and moving from one area to the next in order to get to the finish line, engages people of all ages.

If you’re stuck for something to do in Sydney, why not check out a unique event that will get the adrenalin pumping, the mind spinning, and bring families together? Additionally, it’s also a great way to see the city of Sydney!