Best Adventure Activities in Rishikesh


Rishikesh is the most sacred and serene place where you can find the aura of spirituality in every inch of the city. In addition to spirituality, you can enjoy your vacation and have a gala of time with your family in the lap of the nature and wonderful climate of the place.

The ideal time to visit this place is during summer to rejuvenate and unwind from a busy schedule. The cascading waterfalls, windy climatic, greenery, spiritual places, adventurous sports and tourist attractions make it an ideal destination for people to visit in summer months with family and friends. The tour to this wonderful and tranquilize place would leave you with wonderful memories for lifetime.

More importantly, this is the best place for trekkers to have a great time trekking in the Himalayan region. Rishikesh is a well-known place to do adventurous activities. If you are brave and want to do some adventures this summer or any season of the year, you can choose to fly to this destination and add some thrilling moments in your travel diary.

Witness the magnificent beauty of Himalayan ranges and take a holy dip in the River Ganga. Rishikesh is known to be an adventurous destination of India where tourists can have fun while doing camping, rafting, trekking, bungee jumping, and many other adventurous activities.

Few of the best adventure sports activity in Rishikesh that an adventurist would like to try is

  1. River Rafting

This place is famous for River Rafting. Hence, the tour to this destination will be incomplete without getting soaked rafting in the River Ganga.

In this type of sport, you would need to have fun drifting and floating on the water that is flowing with total force along with your friends and family. There are many locations where river rafting is done and is affordable to all. You cannot keep yourself away from enjoying this water sport. Well, when you are in Rishikesh, make sure to try this without a fail.

  1. Camping

Staying for a night or two on the river side is altogether a new experience for the people living in urban areas with noise and air pollution. The mornings of this place is breezy that, it would let you enjoy the freshness of air and inhale the smell of mud.

The river side camping is something that you would remember forever without any second thought. The camping is set in the jungle where you would find some endangered animals around. If you are a sole traveler, you would have camping group to have fun time. This would take the visiting experience of a tourist to the next level. This is a serene place to enjoy and bask under the sun.

  1. Flying Fox

Flying fox is another adventurous sport where the tourists are attached to a chord and slowly are pushed down from a height and are stopped in the middle to enjoy the view of the place horizontally and Rishikesh as a place has the largest flying fox track. This can be done by a single, double or three participants at a time. You can choose the height based on your gut for the best adventure sports activity in Rishikesh you want to do.

  1. Bungee jumping

This brings goose bumps to people just by witnessing when someone is doing in real-time. In this adventurous sport, you are pushed down from the lofty hill tied with harness where you would be dangling around for a few minutes.

It gives an adrenaline rush for the person doing it. The jump is carried out about 83 meters from ground level. This is the best adventurous sport that one should not afford to miss. This jump can be done by teenagers to old age people who do not have the fear of heights. This adventurous sport is performed under the close supervision of a certified Bungee jump professional.

  1. Kayaking

This is another water sport where the tourist is given a boat on which he / she along with the family can navigate to anywhere. You can choose the rapid based on your physical strength. There are a few instructions that one has to follow to do this adventurous activity. This gives a breathtaking and fun experience to all tourists in every try.