Best Hotel in Jerusalem at The Perfect Location – The David Citadel Hotel

David Citadel Hotel

Are you browsing through Jerusalem hotels for your upcoming trip to the Holy Land? Look no further for the best accommodation in the city. The David Citadel Hotel will surely provide you the elegance, comfort, and luxury you need during your stay. It boasts of modern facilities, spectacular views, and a perfect location for your explorations. It has consistently made its way into lists of the best hotels, not just in Israel but in the entire Middle East.

This Conde Nast Gold List award winner is the hotel choices of prominent visitors to the region. We have compiled reasons why it would be the best place to stay in during your travel.


It is always important to consider the location of your accommodation because it will dictate several things about your trip. The Old City, in particular, is a sight that cannot be missed when you are in town. Luckily, the David Citadel Hotel is a mere walking distance from the 3000-year-old site. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Great Synagogue, and the Western Wall, among other landmarks, are all easily accessible. This area also offers a thriving restaurant and bar scene, while nearby Mamilla Mall is great for shopping excursions.


The hotel was originally designed by Moshe Sfadi, but it has been redesigned by Pierro Lissoni in 2001. It had been created with utmost care for its clients, and this will be evident during your stay. This does not only apply to its beauty, however. The building has a distinctive horseshoe shape so guests can maximize the view of the Old City and the Tower of David. The material used in the creation of the building is local gold limestone which gives it a lavish appearance that is both modern and timeless.


The hotel boasts of state-of-the-art gym equipment so that you can continue your physical regimen even while on vacation. Be sure to check the schedule for the pilates, yoga, and spinning classes. There is also a heated swimming pool that is open the entire year if you want to practice your strokes or take a leisurely dip. For relaxation, the spa and wellness center offers plenty of beauty and body treatments for you and your loved ones.


The hotel has made such a big name for itself that it has become the choice accommodation of many VIPs. The David Citadel Hotel has been a regular witness to a plethora of world-renown politicians, businessmen, and artists. Join the likes of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and the Clintons, whose patronage serve as a testament to the quality and comfort that the hotel has to offer.


When choosing a luxury accommodation, it is important that you get your money’s worth. After all, a hotel that does not meet your expectations can negatively impact the rest of your trip. Make sure to do prior research and only stay at well-trusted establishments to ensure a hassle-free stay in the Holy City.