Breaking with Tradition: Modern Ways to Wed


Weddings are full of tradition, some of which couples are afraid to break and others that couples are completely tossing out the window. Rather than taking a honeymoon right away, many couples are waiting until they can afford their dream vacation. Rather than limiting the wedding party to bridesmaids and groomsmen, couples are mixing it up and including grooms-gals and brides-men, too.

While most couples are still incorporating some traditional aspects into their wedding, many are breaking free of what used to be and taking a unique and modern approach to the way they wed. Before you start writing eChecks to your vendors and wedding planner, check out these modern wedding trends and incorporate a few of them into your big day.

Modern Wedding Trends That are Less Than Traditional

Wedding Dresses are colorful – White and ivory dresses may be traditional, but today’s brides are breaking bad. They’re opting for bright red dresses, gold dresses, and even dresses that are black. Some have dresses with exotic prints on them. Brides are no longer limited to plain colors.

Bridesmaids like their attire – Bridesmaid dresses are notoriously ugly and completely unusable after the wedding has ended—before now that is. Brides are choosing beautiful sorority dresses, comfortable and stylish dresses that can be re-worn, or even letting their bridesmaids wear whatever they want whether it matches their colors or not.

No one eats cake – Cakes are beautiful, but they’re big and heavy to move, and there’s not always enough for everyone. Rather than cakes, modern brides are opting for cupcakes, donuts, cookies, or alternative sweets arranged in beautiful towers. That way it’s easier to eat, and everyone can have a taste.

Bouquets are fake – Nothing can compare to real-life flowers, but their beauty isn’t long-lasting, and they can be quite expensive. Many brides are trading them out for fake flowers or unique alternatives, like bouquets made of burlap rolled into the shape of roses or recycled materials bunched up beautifully.

Themes are eccentric – Couples aren’t just sticking to classic and traditional themes, they’re opting for whimsical and even eccentric weddings. From oversized floral arrangements to weddings fashioned after fictional worlds like that in Harry Potter, and incorporating all things Disney or including hobbies like Legos, couples are getting creative and making their weddings unique.

Heels are traded for sneakers – Many brides know just how exhausting it can be to stand, dance in and wear heels all day. Not only do heels cause feet to ache, but they can cause sore backs and make everything more exhausting than it already is. For that reason, many brides are switching out their fancy heels for comfortable sneakers to make the day a little more fun and a little more comfortable.

Pets are invited – Rather than having guests keep their four-legged friends at home, many couples have started including pets on invitations. After choosing pet-friendly venues, they are encouraging friends and family to bring their dogs to enjoy the ceremony, special treats, and the company of other furry companions during the reception.

The celebrations start early – Most weddings have been traditionally held in the late afternoons and evenings, but modern couples are changing things up. Many couples are choosing to have their weddings and receptions in the morning instead of at night, offering brunch instead of dinner and starting happy hour by 11:00 AM.

Venues vary – Traditional wedding venues, hotel ballrooms, churches…those are all locations of the past. Couples are now opting for unique locations where you might not initially think to hold a wedding. They’re choosing to get married on mountain tops, in a local farmer’s field, or inside of a museum instead of heading to the beach, setting up in a backyard, or going over to the church.

Food is casual – Raise your hand if you typically go to weddings for the food. If you go because you’re hoping for a fancy, catered dinner, you might be surprised at a non-traditional wedding when the food is served out of a food truck or maybe even potluck style. Many couples are opting for more casual food options, but the meals are just as good.

The guestbook isn’t a book – Many couples are ditching the traditional guestbook and having attendees sign blocks of wood, photos, or even take photos of themselves with a polaroid and put it in an album. As odd as it may seem, couples are then able to incorporate their guest “books” into their décor or have cherished keepsakes to look through.

The flower girls aren’t so young – What’s sweeter than a little flower girl skipping down the aisle tossing petals? Some couples are asking their grandmothers to act as flower girls rather than nieces. It’s a sweet and wonderful way to include such important people in the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

Rather than sticking with tradition, many modern couples are taking a new approach and revamping the way that weddings are done altogether. From colorful dresses and ditching the cake to 80-year-old flower girls and including pets as guests, old traditions are being thrown out the window, and new ones are being introduced. What old tradition do you intend to keep and which new tradition to you want to incorporate into your wedding?