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Plan A Road Trip From Christchurch To Queenstown

One of the best driving routes in New Zealand is between Christchurch and Queenstown on the south island. Tourists can drive between the two cities in just five and a half hours. Passengers will be able to take lots of photos whilst the driver concentrates on the road.

Make a checklist of all the different landmarks and points of interest between the two towns.

After this part of the journey is over, plan on going elsewhere in New Zealand. Some journeys around New Zealand are better by car rental in Christchurch than by bus or train.

Driving is more ecologically-friendly than flying several planes to different corners of this country. Rental firms are aware that they have to offer high-performing cars that are not going to waste any fuel at all.

Driving As A Group

1) Travellers who are in large groups should take turns to drive their camper rental vehicle for an hour at a time.  2) Having a relay system of drivers allows passengers the chance to get their fill of the magnificent scenery.

Driving As A Couple

1) One person can drive half of the way and then their partner will be able to take over. 2) Sharing driving responsibilities is a good idea.

Driving As A Solo Traveller

1) Take regular breaks to see points of interest between Christchurch and Queenstown, such as the natural parks and sleepy towns. 2) Stop the car on a regular basis.

Need An Automatic Or A Manual Car?

1) Everyone needs to make a choice between renting an RV that is automatic and renting one that is manual. 2) Find a hire company that has a selection of both. 3) Automatic cars are easier to drive, but people who have been driving a manual for years will want to have a car that is familiar to them.

Explore Wonderful Christchurch First

1) Christchurch is home to landmarks such as Hagley Park and the Canterbury Museum. 2) Drive through the city and stop off at different points of interest. 3) Traffic in Christchurch is slow and easy to drive in.

Drive Towards Queenstown

1) Make sure that the petrol tank is full and drive towards Queenstown at a leisurely pace. 2) Instead of stopping off at a restaurant for lunch, why not put a picnic in the boot of the car? 3) Find a quiet place to stop and then have a nice meal on the grass.

Explore Queenstown At The End Of The Trip

1) Queenstown is well worth a visit, so make plans to stay there for a few days. 2) Drive around the town to get a feel for the place.

Check The Car Before Taking It Back To The Christchurch Rental Firm

Make sure to check the car before returning it. The car should be completely free of marks. Some companies need the petrol tank to be filled before it is returned, but other companies do not mind at all.

Leave a good review of the rental firm online.