Experience Beaches of Australia with Whitsundays Day Trip


Whitsundays Day Trip is something which everyone wishes to experience who would ever get a chance to visit Australia. Among some of the past years, due to its growing popularity, many people have this trip on their, to do list upon their arrival in Australia. First of all for those people who do not know about this trip, then it is a really short single day trip. And in this trip you will get a chance to visit two different islands of Whitsunday, then after that beach of Whitehaven, and at the end another two of the location situated on the Whitsunday Islands in which a resort dinner is also included. The reason that why these places are so attractive and marvellous, because ill now except for the resort or some other shops, no other person uses this place to stay.

Natural Beauty

So basically this place is still in its original condition, and there are no changes being made by humans. And no doubt that tourists just love to visit such places which are still unspoiled by humans. IF you are thinking that it is just the two islands in this area with a very short region. Then you are totally wrong, because this place is situated on the East Coast of Australia, and almost have 74 islands. So if you are planning to visit each and every island in a single day then it is just not possible by a boat. As for Zigzag Whitsundays Day Trip, they have the best boats to take their 36 guests in a day to show the beauty of these islands. And in this whole trip, this tour company will provide you with a simple morning tea to get you refreshed for the whole day. Then after this, you will be served with an exotic lunch at one of the islands. And then at the end, you will receive snacks as well to regain the energy of the whole day. This trip usually starts in the morning 8:30 am, and at that time you will be picked up from Abell Point Marina.

Beautiful Islands

And then from there, you will set out in the waters of Whitsundays Islands. And the water at this point is so much clear that even you can get a chance to glare on the tropical fishes inside the water if the boat is a standstill. And after this, you will get your first stop on the Whitehaven beach where you will explore the beauty of this huge and most beautiful island of Australia. And once you are tired from exploring this beach, then you will be served with the lunch at a picnic spot on this island. After this, you will set out in the water again to another of the beautiful island near to it. And this is the spot where you can have all the beach fun with your family and other tourists.

Secret Resort

Here you can relax for several hours, or play water games. Even you can enjoy swimming or surfing as well. And once you are done on these islands, then you will set back to the same point where you were picked up. But on your way back you will be given a surprise of a resort at a secret location, where you can enjoy a special cocktail or other juices as well. And your trip will be estimated to end up at 5 pm at Abel Point Marina.