Exploring Beaufort SC – Top 5 Things You Must Do


One of the most beautiful cities on the closest of South Carolina, Beaufort has increasingly become popular over the years. Tourists visit the city for its pristine beaches and beautiful historical spots that steep the city in culture. The restaurants and dining culture of the city have also evolved drastically over the years to keep up with the changing trends of the people visiting the city for rest and recreation. However, if you are new to Beaufort or visiting it for the first time, do not get bogged down by the sheer enormity of the details. Here is a list of the top 5 things you can start with when you are set one exploring Beaufort on your own.

Start with kayaking

Kayaking is a very Zen way of getting your first introduction with a city that thrives on the beats of culture, ancient history, and evolving new ethnicities. The bay is beautifully clammed at certain times of the day which makes it perfect for a bit of kayaking to take in the small island culture and the abundance of the marine ecology around you. The kayak routes can also take you around the antebellum mansions that are currently used as famous film sets and often buzzing with the activity of some new production shoots.

Visiting the parish church (St. Helena)

A beautiful church that was founded way back in 1721, this establishment is still functional making it one of the oldest churches in the area that is still active. The cemetery at this church includes graves of famous military officials and many famous citizens of this area. Prominent amongst them is the grave of Colonel Tuscarora Jack (John Barnwell) who was one of the most celebrated fighters in the colonial era and also Thomas Heyward (Jr.) who was one of the people who signed the declaration of independence.

Sunset walk at the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront

Of the twenty or something parks that Beaufort can boat off, the Henry C Chambers Waterfront is the most scenic of the collection. You can arrange to take a walk at the cusp of sunset to enjoy the beautiful water views while hanging out at one of the swings in the area. The very popular bench where Tom Hanks sat down to sort out his life is right here within the park.

For movie buffs – Visit The Point

If you are a hard-core movie buff, you can visit the many production sets that are usually up and active at The Point in Beaufort. The entire block is basically a hub of historic residences that have formed the backdrop for many popular movies such as The Great Santini and also The Big Chill. The visual treat of the Antebellum mansions and the oak-lined streets that literally transport you back in time to the Spanish establishment within the area. You can also book a movie tour that will take you along all of the filming sites within the area.

Don’t stop til you shop

You cannot end a trip to Beaufort without shopping to your heart’s content. Fortunately, with shops like the Scout, you can never leave without souvenirs, colourful home decor items and furnishings that scream elegant Southern Home decor.

The Beaufort SC closest airport is Hilton Head Airport. You can catch domestic as well as international flights to this airport and then arrange for rental cars or pickups to reach the main city quite efficiently.