Exploring the amazing water bodies of India: A Guide


With so many rivers running and below is the ocean, there is no end of travel opportunities for people who love water adventure, from crystal clean river water, enchanting backwater to the breath-taking oceans and soothing sea, the umpteen number of options never meet its end. As spring filled with romance, plan your trip to at least one of the following destinations.

# Cruise- The Hugli River

Experience a new culture, visit the sleepy village, explore Mughal garden and connect with nature going through quiet waterways. Twist and turns on Hugli River lined between mango orchards and lined jute. Have a look at Nawab’s great Hazarduari Palace, the countryside of Mayapur, the delightful village of Baranagar and a lot more. If you love having a unique experience, then try this you will remember this lifetime.

# Bheemeshwari

This place is known for river rafting on the river Cauvery at its stretches near Bheemeshwari. This camp is perfect for couples looking for a quiet weekend away from the city, with Mahseer angling facilities and white-water river rafting. Stop visualizing yourself there and apply for Indian visa today to experience such adventure.

# Brahmaputra River

Get an adventurous kick on the arduous rapids of Brahmaputra River. Drench yourself in the chilling water with your loved one for a wonderful time. Starting from rafting in Arunachal Pradesh, end this long adventure at Pasighat giving you hand full of extraordinary sceneries, hills, and tribal settlements.

# Snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater walk

Explore the untouched beauty and exotic underwater of beautiful Andaman Islands away from the mainland from India. With Azure colored water in every direction. One of the best sides for scuba dive in the country is Havelock Island. And if you won’t be diving into the water then explore the world with snorkeling or sea walker helmet to watch colorful fishes and corals. Add some adventure sports like water skiing, parasailing, glass bottom boating and windsurfing for creating a memory cherished forever.

# Watersports, Goa

An ideal destination for water activities in Goa. A perfect place for those looking for beauty plus a flavor of adventure on their trip. Look at the unending water and magical beaches. Goa proofs itself to be the best destination for adventure sports that include water skiing, banana boat ride, dinghy sailing, jet skiing and much more.

# Kerala Backwater

Backwater full of tourist houseboats there is an altogether different way of exploring Kerala’s backwater. Paddling through the villages starting at Alleppey, the narrow canals of Pulinkunnu, islands of Kavalam to the destination that is Kovilakom. Have a look at the beautiful view of the unspoiled life along with backwater, stay in Heritage Villas. This will be for sure totally different experience as till know you had to think about Kerala. Get your Indian visa now and explore this beauty.

# White river rafting

Always thinking about exotic resorts is kind of common and bore for many. How about trying something different trying something adventurous. Go for remote locations, breath-taking surroundings and adventurous break in Ladakh. Starting from Padum follow the Zanskar River with the Indus for ultimate river rafting experience. Wall of the mountain on both sides, with a magnificent view and beautiful Buddhist monasteries on the horizon. The river rafting experience that mix up with extreme beauty, something rarely found to experience.

# Sail on the holy river Ganga

Starting from Allahabad, traveling through Chunar fort and Mirzapur and finally reaches to the colorful city of Varanasi, make yourself lost in the culture and history as you sail in the Ganga. Explore the culturally rich cities at its bank, observe the lives on the bank of the river and stay on the bank of the river for a deeply rewarding experience.

# Mahankali River

Through the culturally rich region of Kumaon follow the remarkable journey of Mahakali River. Observe the landscape and snow peaks as you move toward the end of the river’s journey. Also, have a look at the river’s prolific wildlife and birdlife like the Mountain Goat, Barking deer, Yellow Throated Marten, and Red Billed Blue Magpie. This is kind of experience must have once. A memory that you will build here I’m sure you will be cherished forever.

So why wait? Apply for Indian Visa and set out on a journey to explore such magnificent sites that gravitate the tourists with its awe-inspiring pulchritude.