First Time India: A Complete Guide to Travel in India

A Complete Guide to Travel in India

India is a fabulous country and there is no set time to explore the vast Incredible India and learn the variety of cultures of the land. The nation is unique in many ways and it is almost like a trip to another world. If you are visiting India for the first time in your life this will definitely be a lifetime experience for you.  Even if you have learned from your friends, Google visiting India, read or heard about it on TV, etc, it is a totally new and different experience to visit to India. So, this guide covers the following:-

  • Selecting the Best travel Circuit in India
  • Ancient Culture, Tradition and Rich History
  • Best Wildlife Safari to Spot a Big Cat
  • The Mysterious Mountain Range – Himalayas
  • Amazing Mughal & Rajputana Architecture
  1. The Golden Triangle

This is one of the most popular travel routes in the country – Agra, Jaipur & Delhi through Maharajas Express Train. On the map they form a kind of triangle and so these most popular tourist destinations in India together form the Golden triangle. There are several tour packages where you cover these areas and the top structures and monuments here clubbed with many of your favorite destinations when you visit India.

  1. The Princely Regions

Before the rule of the British prior to Independence there used to be kings and rulers of various dynasties ruling India. Hence, they lived in palaces that tell of India’s rich history and traditions and customs are preserved. There are forts and massive cities within a wall where battles were also fought. They also traveled in personalized princely train carriages that resembles a Palace on Wheels. This is now given to public customers who can pay and travel luxuriously for a week in these carriages.

  1. Ranthambore National Park

India is a land where you can spot a variety of wildlife and rarest species in the deserts, snow zoos, national park, and wildlife reserves. The Ranthambore National Park is one of the best and most visited or liked national park in the country. There is also an ancient fort with the same name overlooking this jungle. There are also many tourist attractions in Sawai Madhopur nearby where the national park is situated. So, a trip to India is incomplete without spotting a wild cat in the wildlife safari.

  1. Trekking to Himalayas

The Himalayan mountain ranges are famous all over the world and spread across almost from northern region to eastern region to a neighboring country. This great sight is like a fun -filled picnic trip for families and friends from all over the country and globally. In winters, you can find the snow capped mountains glowing in the sun-rays. This is a completely thrilling nature adventure to trek to Himalayas on your trip to India.

  1. Palaces, Churches & Monuments in India

As mentioned earlier India was ruled by several dynasties over the centuries. They built amazing structures with international and local fine architecture. This is seen in the palaces, forts, various pillars and monuments and spiritual places such as temples, mosques and churches. You can find some oldest churches in India in many parts of Goa, Mumbai, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Know more about the Maharajas Express train cost, if you are a first time visitor to Incredible India then there are so many things that you have to learn and experience. A Complete Guide to Travel in India to give you just an idea. You will surely get surprised at many happenings, people, etc. but you will surely have so much fun!