Four Reasons To See New York City On A Bicycle


New York City is arguably the most fascinating city anyone would ever have the pleasure of visiting or living in.

“When you bicycle, you get to tour at your own pace,” said Blair Nicole, spokesperson,  Bike Rental Central Park.   “You can stop whenever you want to explore more thoroughly take pictures or even talk to some of the natives..”

Here are some of our reasons why you should tour on a bike.

  • Riding A Bike Is More Fun Than Driving and Walking

Ask anyone who has been in Manhattan and they’ll tell you that cycling is a lot more fun than driving or walking. This is simply because, with a bike, you’ll always feel like you’re “part and parcel” of your environment–unlike driving a car where the chassis inconveniently close you off.

Cycling will also guarantee you a much better view, and by extension,  a much better experience. Feel free to cycle around Rockefeller Center on your rented bicycle and you’ll fully understand what we’re talking about.

Once you are at Rockefeller Center, don’t forget to check out The Top of The Rock Observation Deck and take a few photos. You know, “ The Gram” has to be fed from time to time. Afterward, you can simply continue your tour without any shred of inconvenience.

  • Bike Are Convenient

There’s a lot to see in NYC so touring it on a rented bike is much more convenient as it is fulfilling. Not only do you go at your own pace, but you can takes breaks when you want–and, most importantly, a lot of bikes can go where cars can’t!

You enjoy the scenery but also feel as though you are a part of it.  For instance, a three-hour bike tour from The Statue of Liberty all the way to Ellis Island will probably be the best cycling expedition you’ll ever go on.

  • Bikes Provide Good Cardio

Sightseeing in Manhattan on a bike saddle is not only good for your eyes but also for your body.

It’s low impact, so you’ll have fewer muscle sprains.  Biking is a fun way to get fit, because you’re out in the fresh air and that, together with the excitement of coasting down hills, will give you a “buzz,” says the Better Health Channel.

Still need convincing? If you’re ever in doubt, then the next time you are in New York City, try cycling around The Met Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park.

Located on four acres overlooking the Hudson River, The Met Cloisters isis a  branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has over 2,000 artworks and architectural elements from the ancient halls and chapels that were put up in the Medieval Era.

Rumor has it that if you listen closely, you’ll hear the evil medieval alchemists whispering… just kidding! Follow this link to learn more about the incredible the met cloisters museum.

  • Renting A Bicycle Is Much More Affordable Than Renting A Car

If you are frugal, especially in this roller coaster economy, then you should consider procuring a bike. There’s not only the initial price of the car rental itself, but you’ll also have to shell out for things like insurance. You have to follow the guideline as to when you return the car, or you’ll end up paying or an additional day.

With a bike, you’ll end up saving a couple of bucks prior to your visit.

Bike Rental Central Park has a fleet of over 500 well-maintained bicycles. Helmets, baskets and locks are included.  The company also offers group tours; please visit their website for more information.