How Adventure Kings Awning Help To Boost Your Camping Fun


The new year has arrived with smiling face, and your traveller soul sings with mischief

“And into the forest, I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”.

Whenever you get a short weekend break from your super busy schedule, your feet jumped into your jeep and led to the roads of unknown. The fun doubles if your friends join and aim for the same.

You plan everything for the perfect camping: firewood, lights, spare parts for your vehicle, dry food, sanitary products, water, clothes, protective equipment, etc. But, the adventure never comes with the ultimate planning. The unknown may happen anytime anywhere and take you to the trance world.

Thus, you must add a quintessential thing to your whole package: Adventure Kings Awning.

The incredible roof over your head can give you the pleasure of ideal camping. Go break-free into the wonderland and boost your camping fun with adventure kings awning 2.5×2.5m. The size is usually the most convenient one. You can set up an awning in few seconds if you need to take a bit of rest after a long drive and glance at the farfetched trees through your binocular. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shine or storm, your adventure kings awning 2.5×2.5m will be your soul partner in your bivouac.

Wish to move forward to the countryside interiors where the birds and animals are waiting to welcome you with the breathtaking natural background?

Quickly pack your premium awning and get set go.

Let’s get to the impressive features:

The awnings shun plastic and adopt alloy knuckles and anodised telescopic poles. Plus, the average 280gsm ripstop polyester is the added advantage. The whole congregation can be carried by any transport by stuffing it into PVC bag made of durable nylon. Carry it quickly with a roof stand.

Are you heading towards the monarchy of bugs and insects?

Your agony can be erased by the mind-blowing adventure kings awning 2.5×2.5m. Purchase a tent along with the awning from the store. The waterproof awning tent is the ideal equipment for saving you from the dangerous flies, mosquitoes, bugs and other insects. Moreover, if a curious wild animal suddenly wants to explore your surroundings, you can quietly sit in the tent looking at his/her activities. But, don’t make any noise or put on light from the tent’s inside.

Enjoy your privacy in your Adventure Kings Awning tent, but, make sure to lock all the poles tightly in the channels. Avoid from storing it in a damp condition for gaining its longevity. Available in the dual channel system, the materials usually come with an installation kit that holds 3xL brackets that further allow you to fix it to any roof racks. Spice up your camping excitement with the smartly designed adventure kings awning 2.5×2.5m.

The utterly waterproof awning is a relief from the unexpected rain under the sun. Chill and win your days out in nature with the model awning that won’t burn your pocket and give you the unsurpassed shelter to sleep, cook, sit and merrymaking.