How to pick the right airline carrier for your trip

airline carrier

When every airline is purportedly offering you the best experience with your ticket, how do you pick a really great one? We’ll tell you.

Flying domestically is probably one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of pan India travel. But it’s not always as simple as booking a ticket and leaving for your trip, though it should be! Choosing the best domestic airline is key, so that you are assured of a comfortable, timely flight with zero hassle.

How do you choose one? Here are some pointers to consider:

* There’s always a flight where you want to go:

It can get really annoying when airlines advertise season sales and the lowest air fares, but there are hardly any flights on certain routes. Or the ones that are, are scheduled at odd hours that you don’t prefer to fly in. The first good reason to pick one airline carrier over another, is a profusion of daily flights on most routes in the country. And the carrier must not have just multiple flight options, but options between Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class.

* A host of rewards and domestic flight offers

There are several domestic airlines touring the skies every day, so how does one distinguish itself from the other? The best way to implement good customer engagement practices is to have a spate of domestic flight offers that actually mean something to the customer. It is not enough to only offer low prices, there must be domestic flight offers to coincide with the festival rush, or special days of the year, or where you can redeem better fares for your birthday or anniversary, etc. The more meaningful the offer, the more likely you are to book the same airline for future travel.

* Luxurious seating and a great flying experience.

Cramped, with a crying child on one side, a chatty co-passenger on the other and only an in-flight magazine for company? This the kind of nightmare scenario most flyers on domestic flights have to put up with. Most airlines today offer very little comfort in the Economy classes – so why travel this way when you can book a premium economy class ticket on a premium airline and take your travel experience up several notches? The best airlines today offer premium economy, excellent seating, enough legroom and superb in-flight entertainment. Recline in your seat, straighten your legs, plug in your headphones and enjoy your flight!

* Timely departure and arrival.

The busiest airports in the country are so backed up that we give airlines credit just for getting us from Spot A to Spot B. Navigating busy airports and still departing and arriving on time – now that’s something to celebrate! Choose airlines that are known for maintaining a strict arrival and departure schedule, and whose on-ground staff is always ready with a smile and an explanation for late flights.