Interesting Things To Do In Hickory, NC


Did you know that Hickory – yes the little-known city of North Carolina has lots of interesting things in store for you given you take some time out for it?

Fret not; there are lots of places to stay here such as Hickory Hotel Extended Stay Property. So even if you didn’t plan on exploring Hickory, you can at least rest and freshen up for your journey ahead.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some interesting things to do in Hickory. So next time, you pass through this city, be sure to check the following out –

Lose yourself in the pages of history at the Hickory Museum of Art

The Hickory Museum of Art is a free art museum.

It is one of the best examples of how an old building can be rehabilitated. The building of the museum used to be a high school back in the day but now, it has lots of exhibits that mostly feature American art and Southern folk art. The museum also features numerous traveling exhibitions that consist of glassworks, letters of historical importance, paintings, etc.

You can get access to the museum for free and head on over to a self-guided museum, but according to a spokesperson for Hickory Extended Stay Suites you should take the guided tour which is available at a reasonable rate of $2 for each person.

Why not take a hike at Bakers Mountain Park?

Baker’s Mountain Park is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The park is spread across 189 acres and is mainly preferred for outdoor recreation. It has mountainous hiking trails that exceed more than six miles.

When you hike to the top, you will find a gazebo and an observation platform. These offer the best way to gaze upon the beauty of the Catawba Valley.

Take a trip to Maple Grove – a farmhouse that started it all

Maple Grove is a farmhouse that was built way back in 1883. It was home to the Shuford family – the founders of Hickory city. The property is preserved hence it resembles the way homes in this area used to look way back in the 1800s. It is safe to state that Maple Grove is one of the oldest standing structures in the area.

Take a stroll through the property and gaze in awe at the beautifully designed rooms, the family heirlooms, their clothing, and pieces of furniture.

You can have access to the home on weekdays. You can also learn more about the historical significance of the property if you hire a guide for a guided tour. Be advised, these guided tours are available by appointment only.

Apart from visiting the places mentioned above, you can also add the Harper House to your Hickory itinerary. The Harper House is a craftsman-style house that has historical importance. It is known for its fine ‘Queen Anne’ interior design which paved the way for the property to be preserved as a house museum. It celebrates Victorian life and the life of the people of Hickory who resided in these grounds during the 1800s. Apart from offering you plenty of photogenic opportunities, this house-museum also has a bookstore and a gift shop, within its premises, so that you can learn more about Hickory’s rich history.