In northeastern India, the exotic state of Meghalaya, “the home of the clouds,” offers a powerful break with the classic images of the environment and cultures usually encountered in India at time of Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. Different ethnic groups share vast wild forests, far away from the modern world, where humans and nature live in harmony as you can see at time of Honeymoon & Romantic Packages India.

Bordered on the north by Assam and on the south by Bangladesh, this small state ideal for India Honeymoon & Romantic Packages is populated by a little more than 3 million inhabitants. In the humid hills of Meghalaya, the Khasi tribe is distinguished by its matrilineal tradition and women are sole heir of lands and titles. Khasi mothers pass the family name, and their younger daughters are the only heirs to the property. In Meghalaya, the birth of a girl is a happy event.

How to reach

  • The closest railhead is at Guwahati. Shillong in Meghalaya is 180 kilometers from Guwahati.
  • The nearest large airport is also situated at Guwahati which is well connected to Kolkata and Delhi by air.
  • There is frequent bus service between Guwahati and Shillong the capital.

Places to visit

Mawlynnong – It is the cleanest village in Asia which you will discover with Best Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India. The matrilineal system is at the origin of a more equal society, respectful of women but also of the environment. For Khasi communities living directly from the resources of nature, it is sacred, protected and revered. 80 km south of Shillong, the capital, you will find with cheap Honeymoon & Romantic Packages in India the village of Mawlynnong is a cheerful example of this cultural phenomenon. 95 dwellings occupy this flowered enclave which received in 2003 the title of “Cleanest Village of Asia.”

Bamboo baskets serve as bins at the entrance to the village, plastic is banned, the streets are clean, and flowers decorate the roads of this place to visit with honeymoon tour packages in India. At the end of the 19th century, facing an epidemic of plague, Christian missionaries and villagers had set up strict cleanliness rules that have endured. In a country where waste management is a huge problem, Mawlynnong is genuinely an exception.

Cheerapunjee – It is the rainiest place on the planet. Here at time of Honeymoon you can find an observation tower made in bamboo with highest of about twenty meters allows you to admire the view on the plain of Bangladesh.

Further, a walk leads to Riwai’s “living bridge,” a surprising natural architecture found in the surrounding Khasi Mountains during Honeymoons.

In this dense and wild vegetal environment, crossed by spectacular rivers and waterfalls, the Khasi people have adapted themselves by building amazing bridges with the roots of rubber trees, Ficus elastica, which are soft and aerial.

Visit the tribals of Garo – To the west of Cherrapunjee, the Garo Hills, a territory of subtropical forests, is home to the Garo, another important ethnic group in Meghalaya you will find with honeymoon packages. Each year in November, they celebrate the harvest season and the end of the agricultural year by paying homage to the goddess of fertility, Misi-A-Gilpa-Saljong-Galapa. From a duration of two days long ago, the Wangala festival now extends well over a week in many villages in the region making many happy during Loving Honeymoons.

The rice beer flows freely as the men and women adorned with a turban raised with a feather sing and dance happily to the rhythm of bamboo flutes and trumpets horn buffalo. Crafts, games, cooking, the Garo proudly celebrate their culture deeply united with nature. The highlight of the festival happens in the village of Asanang where 300 dancers and musicians meet for the occasion.

Throughout the year, a hundred festivities take place in the northeastern regions, including the famous Hornbill Festival.

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