Must Have for Motorcycle Long Distance Rides


It is thrilling and adventurous to travel by motorbike from one place to another. You can enjoy the beauty of the country and meet different kinds of people on the way. Today, more and more people are opting for various riding tours offered by tour operators worldwide.

Just choosing a beautiful place is not enough for enjoying your ride. You need to make sure you follow certain rules and regulations and carry some essential items along with you in order to make your motorcycle ride enjoyable.

Below are some essential points you need to keep in mind before going for the Dalat easy riders tours organized by Dalat Adventure tour. They offer different types of easy rider trips starting from one day trip to 6 day trip to various parts of the country. This road trip will allow you to enjoy the rural beauty of the country and spend more time on the roads of the beautiful country, Vietnam.

Must Have for Motorcycle Long Distance Rides

  • Motorbike: When going for a motorcycle ride, the most important point to consider is choosing a comfortable motorbike. If you do not find a comfortable bike, then you can check with your tour operator to see if they can make some arrangements to get you a comfortable motorcycle. Dalat Adventures will provide you with the most comfortable bike to enjoy your road trip.
  • Dress for motorcycle ride: It is essential to wear a riding dress when going for a long distance ride. This means, you need to use riding pants, long boots, jackets and riding jackets. There are many online stores where you can buy quality motorcycle gear to use for your road trip. It is good to avoid baggy clothes as it can cause you discomfort.
  • Carry a light bag: Whether you are going for a one day, a 3 day or a 6 day trip, you need to make sure you pack light. Carrying heavy luggage can take the fun away and make your travel more stressful.
  • Take a Bluetooth earphone: Taking a Bluetooth earphone is a good idea to make your ride more enjoyable. Using a Bluetooth earphone, you can talk to your friends and listen to soft music while riding your motorbike.
  • Map: It is good to carry a map that clearly shows the route you are traveling so that you don’t lose the way. In case if you feel you have missed the route, it is good to ask the locals for the right path.
  • Helmet and hand gloves: It is important to go with a good quality helmet and hand gloves to make the motorcycle ride smooth and safe.
  • Carry water: When going for long road trips by motorcycle, it is important to stay hydrated. Keeping yourself well hydrated will keep you energetic and will help you avoid the exertion.
  • Tools and Spares: Finally, you need to carry the essential tools and spares to make your road trip enjoyable and trouble free. It is good to check with a mechanic what all things you need to carry before starting your journey.


A ride on your favorite bike is the best way to enjoy the beautiful places of Vietnam. By choosing the right Dalat easy rider option, you can enjoy your vacation by visiting some of the beautiful places in Vietnam and have memories that will last for long.