Overnight Desert Safari Dubai: An Incredible Experience


Who doesn’t wish for a night under the sky full of stars in the desserts? Well, this is where the desert safari in Dubai takes you to. Desert safari is all about driving a jeep through dunes commonly called dune bashing and destination for camping at night. The safari also includes camel riding and alongside dinner entertained with many cultural dance performances.  Overnight desert safari Dubai cost varies in order to fit in different budgets.

The Luxurious Stay

People who can afford a luxury overnight desert safari Dubai will get a land rover for the drive in the sand dunes following a sun set, a thrilling view of rocky valleys and deep gorges and everything is supposed be private. According to the overnight desert safari review, it gets pretty clear that it is convenient and can be set according to the budget of the travellers and still let them enjoy the nature’s miracle in the setting sun in dunes, the scenic beauty of the place, and at last a campfire at night under the star lit up sky.

People also go for private overnight desert camping Dubai, this one serves them differently than the general safari. Tourists in private camping get everything privately be it the ride or anything. They get their own campfire and a private table for dinner. The extra care of privacy is offered in this package.

Plan With Affordable Company

Looking at the reviews and the experiences shared by people, overnight desert safari Abu Dhabi price is affordable to all sorts of budgets. There are numerous companies that have overnight safari plans already planned according to the preferences of tourists so that everyone gets to enjoy the serenity and an amazing experience in the dessert.

Talking of the whole overnight safari they are planned in groups, the group is then taken for the dune bashing for almost twenty minutes. Then the tourists are taken for the mesmerising sunset in dune mounds which gets everything an orange essence. Driving along the dunes and surrounded by dessert on all side and still gets a peek of the hills is another advantage and adds to the wonderful experience. The next thing on the list is the camel rides and people especially women can get themselves with henna tattoo which is the best showcase of art and refinement.

Entertainment and Delicious Food

As the night grows the travellers are taken to their respective camp fires where accommodations are made according to the bookings. The reason being, they get to have a remarkable dinner while enjoying the belly dancing and cultural shows that are organised by the locals. Lastly after the meals, just sitting or lying under the vast clear night sky under the stars with your companions besides you is an incomparable soothing experience for the tourists. People come there from all over the world making it a rich experience of cultural bonding and get along with each other sharing all sorts of stories. This is the prime reason why people choose to go for overnight safari while in Dubai.