Places you can visit in Brooklyn


One of the best places that you can visit on your vacations is Brooklyn. Located in the USA, this city is unique in its own way. If you happen to visit Brooklyn in some part of your life, here are some places that you must visit first:

· Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest places in the city. If you have been to Brooklyn and you haven’t visited Brooklyn Bridge, you have seen nothing. The architecture of the bridge is made by the ancient techniques and this is the reason why it is still there. SO do pay a visit there once in a life and appreciate the uniqueness with your own eyes.

· Brooklyn botanical garden:

If you are planning to visit Brooklyn in your vacations, one of the places that you must see is the Brooklyn botanical garden. This is a garden that has been maintained by the researchers and scientists. This is why it is so beautiful and maintained. Another unique thing about this garden is that you can find each and every species of plants there.

· New York harbor:

The New York harbor is a place where you can enjoy the nature and do your business too. Yes, this port is used to do import export with other countries through ships. You can also do boating in the water and do the fishing as well. So to roam the whole harbor, you need a whole day to enjoy it properly.

· New York Aquarium:

Now if you are visiting all the wonders of nature, why not experience some marine life too. This you can do so in New York Aquarium in which you can see all the unique marine species. If you want to see a dolphin or Shark, turtle or fish, you can do that in New York Aquarium.

· Prospect Park:

This park in Brooklyn is so unique that it attracts a lot of tourists around the world. If you are in Brooklyn, you should take your children to this park too. Located in the lap of nature, it is the best place to connect with the nature.

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