S Visa Are Allowed for Those Working with Law Enforcement

S Visa Are Allowed for Those Working with Law Enforcement

There is one type of Visa that is known as the U.S. S Visa and it is for only aliens who are assisting some branch of law enforcement. The petitioner for this classification is the agency of law enforcement which the alien is working with. Application is made on Form I-854, which is known as the ‘Inter-Agency Alien Witness and Informant Record’.


The application needs to define the reasons an agency has for needing the help of the alien. This agency of law enforcement also must assume responsibility for the alien from admission until departing the country.


Spouses married and unmarried children as well as parents of S-5 and S-6 non-immigrantscan enter the US in S-7 status. They also need to be included on the Form I-854.

How many yearly:

Only 200 people can be admitted in S-5 status every year and only 50 can be allowed in S-6 status. The maximum period of admission in S status is 3 years.

Special program:

It might strike most as odd that the United States has a program that is special for admitting S non-immigrants. These are individuals sufficiently involved in terrorist or criminal activity to provide information to United States law enforcement. They are permitted in the United States under the S visa program as the Attorney General is authorized entry and all grounds of exclusion except involving Nazi persecution and genocide when this waiver is in the interest of the nation.


There are restrictions while in the United States. These are:

  • Reporting to Attorney General every 3 months with where they are and their activities;
  • Not convicted for a crime that is punishable by 1 or more years in prison;
  • Agree they will not contest any order of deportation unless returning home based on fear of persecution;
  • Adhere to any other conditions set by the Attorney General.