Safety Measures For Train Travellers


Train journeys are always fun and exciting. You get to have your own seat, look out of the window, walk around  the coach, meet new people, make new friends, eat snacks, indulge in food, and then, snore till you irritate fellow passengers. Yes, the train journey is thrilling, but you will have to be alert. If you are not careful, what was amusing can become deadly. It is not that train journey is dangerous, but you will have to be cautious like you are on any vehicle.

Here are some safety measures to make your train journey easy and harmless –

  • Book your tickets prior to your journey. Make sure that you have your tickets handy so that you can show it to the ticket inspector when you are asked to do so.
  • Before the day of travelling, do some Indian train enquiry to know the timings of the train and the confirmation of your seat.
  • On the day of the journey, reach the railway station at least half an hour before the train timings to avoid last minute confusion and rushes.
  • As soon as you reach the station, find out which platform your train will stop at and be ready on the platform.
  • As the train arrives, stay a bit away from it to avoid mishaps. And remember that you must board the train only when it halts completely. Never get in or get out of a moving train as it may be fatal. Confirm the train name before you get in and take your seat. There are incidents where people have boarded wrong trains and have not realized it until the train moved to its next stop.
  • Once inside the train, find your seat through the seat number mentioned on your ticket. Sit on your seat and do not occupy any other seat. It will simply create confusion among fellow passengers.
  • If you are not comfortable on your seat, you can exchange seats with someone who is willing to take your seat by choice. Contact the officials if you have any problems regarding ticket or seat.
  • If you are occupying the window seat, make sure that the windows are locked properly when they are pulled up. If you do not latch them, chances are they may fall on your hands while you are resting them on the window sill. So, be careful about the heavy windows.
  • If you are using the toilets on the train, make sure you flush properly before and after use to avoid germs and infections. It is your responsibility to keep the government property clean.
  • When it comes to the fellow passengers, be cordial but not too friendly. Do not reveal any personal information to strangers. Talk general things like music, movies or politics. Avoid subjects like your family, your address or any such personal information.
  • Do not eat or drink things given by your fellow passengers no matter how cordial they are.

These are some of the things that you must keep in mind to have a safe train journey to your destination.