Sending love from miles away while traveling is easier than you think


If you’re constantly traveling, whether for work or pleasure, you know the feeling of being away when a loved one is celebrating a special occasion, from birthday to anniversary, or anything else.  Imagine you’re traveling in Europe and your close friend’s birthday is just around the corner and you won’t be there in person to celebrate their special day. What a bummer.  Since you’re miles away, all you can do is send a text or maybe stay up so the timing works out to give them a call first thing in the morning on the day of their birthday. Right? Well not exactly. I mean you can certainly do that but there are ways to get creative so your presence is actually felt physically and not just virtually.


Have you thought of mailing them an actual birthday card from your destination? I know you’re probably thinking, I’m on vacation in a foreign county, I don’t even speak the language, nor do I have a car to drive around to get a card and even if I did, how do I know where to go to buy a birthday card and how to mail it? I mean, last thing you want to do while on vacation is find a local post office! Well, thanks to technology, you can now do all that (and more) from the comfort of your vacation-home (or hotel, or Airbnb, or tent!). All you need is a smart phone and of course WiFi and you can mail a card to their doorsteps, in just a matter of seconds (or minutes if you’re the indecisive kind). So you can relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sun in Sicily, sipping on your Spritz, and a physical card will show up in your loved ones’ mail box on the day of their birthday. You are now officially the “best” best friend of the month for your effort and thoughtfulness. You’re welcome! You even have the option of attaching a couple of real photos to your card and what better way for you to make them smile than taking them down the memory lane by sharing a couple of your photos inside the card. Or, if you want them to experience what you’re experiencing, you can certainly send a selfie to show off the scenic Sicilian coast and blue waters and of course your golden tan skin!

Of course, you can always send flowers or even a gift but we think there is something personal about a birthday card and the best part is, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make it happen. Plus, flowers will die and it’s hard to pick a gift for someone. With birthday cards, with just a few bucks and a few minutes to spare, you can be that considerate friend and make their day with your little surprise. So next time a loved one is having a special occasion and you’re not there to celebrate with them in person, make it personal and send them something tangible that will not only make them smile but set you apart from the many others who relied on a simple text to deliver on their special occasion.