Singapore Visa for Indians


As the fifth most visited city in the world, Singapore is a truly wonderful place to live. It’s always changing and improving, adding new features and become a more welcoming, wonderful place to live. Millions of residents come here every year to engage in a wonderful experience, thanks to the massively open tourist-friendly nature of the region.

This makes it easy for people to come to Singapore and enjoy living in one of the last remaining city-states in the world. Alongside Monaco and the Vatican City, Singapore is a country within a city. It’s a truly mind-blowing location, and one that gives you all the help that you need to really buy into the rich, ever-growing culture within.

From the amazing indoor waterfall – the largest in the world – to the amazing Singaporean Duck Race, you can come to this wonderful venue and enjoy a unique experience like few others. There’s lots to do and see in Singapore, from its rich and diverse entertainment industry to the enterprising and unique quality of the food found on every corner of this city-state.

If you would like to visit Singapore, though, you will need to obtain a VISA to make that possible.

Singapore Visa Requirements for Indians

To help you make sure you can get a Singapore Visa without too much trouble, this guide should help you to make your way into this country and pick up a Singapore Tourist VISA.

Starting at just Rs 2,299, you can have your VISA prepared and accepted (providing you meet criteria) within a mere five working days.

When you travel to Singapore, Indian visitors will not get access to a VISA on arrival. Like anyone else, you need to apply. However, this can easily be done online so you can pick up an eVisa nice and easy. Typically, the cost for an Indian to pick up a VISA would be around Rs 2,299, so be sure you have the funds available to pay for the trip beforehand.

Like most people, you will wait around 5 working days to be processed and, if you are eligible, secure your Tourist VISA for Singapore. This usually lasts for around 30 days, and your price ensures that you are covering all service fees, all consulate fees for application and all delivery of documents for your application.

For your application, you will need a valid, original passport, a return air ticket that comes with a clear itinerary for your time in the country, two passport-size photographs, a bank statement covering the last six months, a covering letter and your VISA application firm clearly filled in.

You’ll also need a covering letter and/or an overseas business letter inviting you to Singapore; though these are not always a requirement, they can come up so be wary of this and get prepared.

Top Tourist Venues in Singapore

As mentioned above, you need a clear plan to show what you will do when you are in Singapore. Some of the recommended choices we have for you in terms of tourist venues in Singapore to visit includes:

  • Marina Bay – One of the most spectacular and affluent sights in the country.
  • Clarke Quay – A stunning, romantic view of Singapore that’s very much for modern thinkers.
  • Universal Studios – An amazing theme park experience, one that you will never forget.
  • Gardens by the Bay – A truly amazing experience, this futuristic venue shows you why it won World Building of the Year in 2012!
  • Sentosa – A stunning glimpse of paradise, well worth seeing if you want to enjoy island relaxation like never before.