Six Tips Before You Travel


So you’ve booked your ticket and you’re looking forward to your destination. As you think of the various things you need to do in preparation, the following tips are worth bearing in mind.

Inform Your Bank

If you’re venturing abroad, your bank may, for security reasons, block your card if you use it over there without letting them know.To prevent that from happening, inform thembeforehand that you’ll be travelling – where you’re going to, when you’re going and how long for. Some banks allow you to do this online.

Pack Light

A lot of folks don’t need about a quarter of what they pack for travel. They end up not wearing a certain amount of clothes they were planning to wear or don’t use some of the things they go with.

Pack light. Only take what you really need. For example, depending on how long you’re going away for, you can wear a pair of jeans or dark trousers with various tops, sweaters or t-shirts, so you only need the one pair, or no more than two at the most.

Extra Debit/Credit Card

Walk with a spare debit or credit card just in case. For instance, it could be for an unexpected expense or in the unfortunate event your main card is lost or stolen.If you’re only going with one card (or one debit card and one credit card), have some cash on you for backup for the same reasons mentioned.

Travel Insurance

It’s likely that more times than not, you won’t have a reason to call upon the benefits of having travel insurance. However, it’s still worth getting it in the eventuality that you do. It’s an expense, but a necessary one, because the alternative, should you actually need it (should something happen), might be a lot more expensive.

Get yourself some travel insurance – get it out of the way – then go about the business of enjoying your travels.

Give Someone Your Spare Keys

If you have a spare set of keys, give it to someone you trust (you might lose your keys on your travels, for instance). Also, a spare set might be needed if you have houseplants that need watering, fish that need keeping an eye on, or a number of other things that might crop up while you’re away.

Your Passport

Have copies of your passport made. Keep one copy with you on your travels. Keep the other with someone you trust (family member or friend).

Also, memorize your passport number if you can.Find out where the US embassy is for where you’re going, just in case, as well as their opening times and contact number/s.

The tips shared are far from exhaustive and maybe you’ve heard some or all of them before. If so, then let them serve as reminders. Consider these tips your friends. They want you to have a great holiday and are all too keen to help you make it so.