South America – An ultimate destination for your travel bucket list!


When you look at the size of the vast continent of South America on a map, you can only imagine the variety of adventures it has to offer along with varied types of marvelous scenery. When you visit South America, you are up for roller coaster ride as no one place is similar to next. You will get to explore towering mountains, magnificent beaches, vineyards, wildlife, icebergs and a lot more! Let’s not forget the food specialties that you ought to try at some of these places. To top the food and breath-taking views, South America packages offer great hospitality and welcomes tourists with open arms. To know more about all the places and food items worth the hype in South America continue reading below.

Relish your childhood memory of sitting on a swing (with a little twist)

If you thought that sitting on a swing is just a kid thing to do then you should probably think again. Visit Casa Del Arbol, Ecuador to experience the wildest swing in the world. The swings hang above the abyss attract many thrill seekers. The swing is simply made of a metal beam attached to a rope, there are no safety belts provided which will keep you from falling but the bravest hikers take their chances to experience this at least once.

Try the famous Ceviche

The popular sea food dish that made its way from Peru is spread throughout the coastal regions of Central and South America. Fresh raw sea food which is usually a white fish is cured in citrus juice, sprinkled with some heat from chili peppers and garnished with onion and cilantro. Peru tours are perfect for every food and travel lover.

Make a wish under the stars at San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, a dessert found in the south of Chili, as some people say is the best place to do stargazing in the world. During the day the heat and drought can exhaust you but at night when it gets cold, the entire village gets lit up by the millions of stars in the sky.


Now this one, adapted from Venezuela is a flatbread sandwich made from ground maize dough or cooked flour and can be filled with just about anything from cheese to meat to eggs. Depending on where you eat this, the varieties in this sandwich can go up to double digits!

Sweat it out as you cycle through the Death road at La Paz, Bolivia

As the name suggests, the Death road is indeed a deadly road as it passes through high mountains and jungles with freighting cliffs and scary steep slopes. For the cycling daredevils this is a road that is ought to be on your bucket list.

Pisco Sour

Coming to drinks, this one is not only the most popular drink in South America but is also the national drink of both Chile and Peru. It is a mix of pisco, mixed with egg whites, Angostura bitters, lime juice, simple syrup and ice. Variations in this drink involve use of different fruit juices.

Do the tango in Buenos Aires

This is the capital of Argentina which is greatly well-known for a number of things but the one that tops the to-do list here is tango dancing. The streets get filled with tango dancers in the evening so make sure you grove on the beats of tango once you visit here (even if you are not a dancer!)

Go for wine tasting in Mendoza

Again a speciality of Argentina is the vineyards. Catch a bus to the country side to visit the native vineyards.

Buggy ride and Sandboarding in Peru

In the middle of the dessert near Ica in Peru is an oasis called Huacachina. You can take a buggy ride from the oasis in the dunes which feels nothing less than a rollercoaster. Once the buggy drops you off at the top of the dunes, you can sand board you way down again.

Piranha fishing in Rurrenabaque

Rurrenabaque is a village in the North of Bolivia. The only way to visit the pampas from here is via boats. If you are fine fishing for Piranhas with sharp teeth around you then think no more! The pampas are home to all sorts of animals such as alligators, monkeys, snakes, pink dolphins and piranhas.

Don’t miss out on the steak!

Viejo Jack serves you the best steak you have ever tasted. It is a restaurant with normal interiors and bright lightings in streets of Salta however, the food here will sure not disappoint you.


This is national food of Argentina cooked in Barbeque Sauce. A much unexpected sight of whole meat or pig getting cooked on open fire. Reputed tour operators of Patagonia Holidays ensure that you experience the best always.