The 7 Best Cities to Live in the Midwest


The Midwest is a huge swath of land that covers most of the central area of the United States.  If you’re eager to move or want a great vacation: there’s nowhere better.  These are the top seven cities to check out if you’re considering a move!

Des Moines, Iowa

This little city packs a big punch!  Home to tons of amenities, from massive dog parks, to incredible industry work, you start whatever type of life you’d like if you move here!  This is an incredibly affordable city with endless things to do and see.

The Twin Cities, Minnesota

The Twin Cities have to be counted as one because of how intertwined they are.  These are awesome places to move if you want to live somewhere that has an incredible art scene or you’re interested in getting into the music production business.  The winters here can be harsh if you’re not from the northern states, but it’s worth it!

Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re ready for a new change of pace, Indianapolis houses for sale are some of the most affordable and spacious properties you can find!  This is a dream come true for anyone who wants to live near some of the most world-famous cars races out there or simply loves to live in a sport-city.

Iowa City, Iowa

There’s no Midwest list of cities without Iowa City!  This great city is one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation!  From massive amounts of the industry to a huge range of roles from agricultural to website building, you’ll be able to find your dream job here.

There’s a real sense of community in this city that makes it the place so many people want to move to.

Kansas City, Kansas

Although some may feel like Kansas shouldn’t be counted as the Midwest, it’s at the center of the country and can be considered the heart of the United States!  Kansas city is an awesome place to live for young professionals and those looking to start a family.  There’s a lot of career growth and industrial work available that can allow anyone to flourish!

Baxter-Brainerd, Minnesota

These two cities are basically referred to as one when people are talking about the center of Minnesota.  Home to the most beautiful winters in the country, and some of the best outdoor excitement, this is an awesome place to live if you want to take a step back and live on the wild side.  This is a great area for someone who wants a lower cost of living while still needing a great job market.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago could stun anyone!  This state has a lot going for it that ensures that anyone who visits will instantly fall in love with it.  With more Fortune 500 companies than most other cities, Chicago has a fun attitude, awesome music and arts, and incredible educational possibilities for anyone who wants them!

The Midwest is a Dream Come True!

Although many may simplify the Midwest and think it’s boring, this area has a lot to do and see!  Consider stopping into any of these amazing cities sometime soon!