The Exotic City of Goa


Delhi is a city unlike any other. Its cultural diversity is sure to surprise you in every bit. The ancient monuments will never fail to mesmerize you. But being a home of 1.9 crore people, you may become irritated by the chaos in the city and want an escape for few days. A weekend gateway perhaps! And the most suitable place that will soothe your mind is the land of Goa.

When you travel, there are a lot of factors, which decide whether you like that place or not -the weather conditions, the hospitality of the locals, culture, food and much more. The city of Goa ticks all the columns and passes with flying colours. Goa is one of those places which have an instant impact the very first moment you land here. The city had everything that you would look for right from exotic beaches to spicy seafood to soothing sunsets. You can do two feats, either get cowed by the place and start hating it or just go with the flow and let Goa show it’s magic.

If you do the latter and go with the flow, you will be amazed by the secret this historic city has been hiding from us all this time. If you are looking to go to this magical city of Goa from your hometown of Delhi, just have a look at the Delhi to Goa flights online schedule and start packing your bags. You must have heard a lot about beaches the moment the word ‘Goa’ comes along. Here are some places in Goa that will surely leave you in awe the moment you visit them:

Bom Jesus Basilica is the most popular church in Goa. It carries a history of its own. It holds the mortal remains of st. Francis Xavier. It is located in old Goa, which was the capital of Goa in the early days of Portuguese rule. ‘Bom Jesus’ literally means ‘holy Jesus’. It is a name given to an infant Jesus. It is now a world heritage site and a centre for all the Catholics in the area. It is considered to be perhaps one of the best examples of baroque architecture in India.

Cumbarjua canal is situated on the banks of the Mandovi River. Being just around 20 kilometres away from the capital of Panjim, it attracts a host of tourists towards it. It is famous in the area for having some crocodiles. And there is an interesting story surrounding it. This was no man’s land between the Portuguese and Bhojpuri. So, both bought in crocodiles to keep each other away. There are still a few of them, so be careful!

Chorla is a series of ghats located in the northernmost part of Panjim. These Ghats interacts the borders of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Itching for a motorbike ride? We have found the place for you! The beauty of this place is increased multi-fold during the monsoon season. It is dotted with many waterfalls.

Not to forget the blissful beaches in the area. Excited, aren’t you? So, it’s just about time to book your Delhi to Goa flights tickets.