Things to do in Slovenia


Slovenia is the most underrated country in Europe. I am saying this because Slovenia is beautiful country with high quality of services and very cheap for western europe visitors. Here I am going to talk about top things you can do in Slovenia.

Visit Ljubljana

Ljublana is main city and the capital of Slovenia. With only 300 thousand inhabitants, this city has a lot to offer, among cultural events and gastronomic experiences. For a further reading you can visit this site.

The main attractions here are:

  • The Ljubljana Castle: this castle built in the 13th century, is at the top of a hill, in the old town. You can see it almost from every part in Ljubljana. Inside the castle there is a museum with ancient objects. Couples also get married here so it is not strange to see here these kind of celebrations when you are visiting it.
  • Tivoli park: this is the meeting point for people who want to scape from the city and relax. And it is only 10 minutes aways from the city centre! Here you will feel like you are out of the city. There is a hill inside the park that is covered by forests. Having a stroll here is great for charging your batteries.
  • BTC city: this is the bigget commercial area in the city. You can find there the biggest fashion brands as Zara or Tommy Hilfilger. There are cinema and areas of entertainment. Also big super malls and even the best water park in the city called Aqua Park.

Visit Lake Bled

The famous lake Bled, is the most touristc attraction in Slovenia. Sorrounded by mountains, this alpine lake has been frequented by tourists by at least 300 hundred years. The best you can do here is walk around the lake and get to the top of the castle that is located at the top of a hill. From there you can shot incredible photos and have a view hard to forget.

Glamping in Bled

Glamping is a new trend. Glamping basically means going on a tent while having a luxurious experience. Luckily there are many Glamping sites around lake Bled. One of the most popular is Garden Village. You can spend a magical night in a wooden house with all the comfort you could even image. Definitely is a romantic option for those in love or who just like exotic adventure. This is great opportunity to try something new if you are open to alternative ways of traveling. If you want to read more about this you can follow this guide about Glamping in Bled.

Visit Brda, the Tuscany of Slovenia

Brda is the wine region of Slovenia. Here you will see soft slopes covered with vineyards that makes this place to resemble the landscapes from Tuscany. It is nice here to go for a walk or ride a bike. Tourist come here from all regions of Europe to try the good wines and admire the nature.


Slovenia is a country that is worth to visit. If you want to be in contact with nature, this is the place where to go. Hope you like guide, enjoy and have fun on your visit to Slovenial.