This Boot Is Made for Walking: Why Biking and Walking Holidays in Italy Are Taking Off


There are few places which can claim a greater historical or cultural heritage in the West than Italy. The Little Boot has left quite a big impression on just about every artistic and cultural field, giving the world everyone from Dante and Boccaccio in literature to the acclaimed Renaissance Masters in sculpture and painting to Verdi, Vivaldi, Puccini, and a whole host of other amazing composers to the cinematic geniuses like de Sica and Antonioni. Add to that the incredible history Italy has seen – to say nothing of the wine and cuisine it still has to offer today – and your reasons for visiting are clear!

Of course, there’s more than one way to visit Italy. One of the most popular means of visiting the Little Boot right now is by walking or putting the pedal to the metal and biking around the country on guided tours of some of its most splendid sites. Here are just a few places you’ll want to visit when taking Italian walking holidays from Hooked on Cycling.

The Wine Route

Few wine regions in the world can compete with those in Italy. Whether you prefer a classic chianti, a rustic Tuscan wine, rousing red or delicate white or anything else which whets your tastes, Italy’s bound to have the wine for you. What’s more, Italy’s many and diverse wine-growing regions are also some of its most beautiful, from Bozen to Piedmont to Tuscany and everywhere in between. As such, walking holidays through some of Italy’s most beautiful and tasteful wine regions is like getting two holiday bonuses for the price of one, treating you to the best sites and bottles the Boot has to offer!

The Heel of the Boot’s a Beaut!

Southern Italy is sometimes overshadowed by Rome in the middle and the Venice to the north, but the fact of the matter is from Naples to Apulia, Southern Italy is a hidden gem! Apulia in Southern Italy is home to some of its finest cuisine, while Naples, of course, is one of the capitals of not just Western but also world art, with some of the finest museums and sculptures in the world, while the historic centre of Naples itself has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From Rome to the Alps

Need we even say why Rome is a city worth visiting? “The Eternal City” has played host to some of the most powerful empires and most visionary artists the world has ever seen. It’s the city of everyone from Julius Caesar to Federico Fellini, the Roman Coliseum to the Trevi Fountain so lovingly showcased in one of the most famous scenes from La Dolce Vita, itself an Italian cinema classic. Heading northward, you’ll discover the many pleasures of Northern Italy, and eventually come across the Alps, one of the true natural treasures of Europe and one of the great places for anyone looking to take a walking holiday while experiencing a little history and culture at the same time.

For a truly memorable holiday, look no further than a walking holiday through the Boot today!