Top Places to Enjoy Boating in India


If anything is there that makes you forget all the things around you is enjoying the presence of nature from your deep core of the heart. In anyplace or anywhere you can’t enjoy this serene feeling. One such beautiful experience you have to seek is Boating. It’s a wonderful thing to experience in your life at least once. Enjoying a boat ride on the calm waters with your family or love will stay forever long in your sweet memories calendar.

Then, what are the best places for boating? Means, India has a good number of lakes and rivers. So you can enjoy the pleasant time with boating on India’s placid waters.

Here is the list of best boating spots in India.

  1. Gadisar Lake:

In the outskirts of the Golden City Jaisalmer, this artificial lake was located. In Jaisalmer, Gaidisar Lake is one of the best tourist attractions to visit. The lake was actually built by Maharaja Rawal Jaisal to meet the water needs of the city in crisis time. This beautiful lake surrounded by lush greenery and historical sites favors the best boating experience.

Early morning and evenings are the ideal time for boating in this lake. The best views you can capture around this lake are Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace. For bird watchers, Gadisar lake is also a best place and also you can feed the fishes in the lake while your boating.

  1. Nakki Lake:

Located in Rajasthan’s one and only hill station Mount Abu, Nakki Lake is very popular. Apart from the tourist attraction, the story behind this lake excites everyone. According to myths, this lake was dug by Gods to get protection from a demon and also it is the deepest one with 11,000mts depth. Another great thing of this lake is, Mahatma Gandhi ashes were also immersed here only.

When it comes to boating, Nakki Lake is the best one to enjoy the fantastic scenic views around the lake. Boating experience in this lake will be very interesting and joyous amid sprinkling fountains in the lake. After your boating, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or meals at the lake here a number of eatery points available.

  1. Dal Lake:

Boating in Dal Lake is quite peculiar and enthusiastic. In Dal Lake, boating takes place through Shikara boat rides. They are wooden like boats crafted from deodar wood. You can enjoy a mind-blowing boating experience in Srinagar’s Dal Lake. An interesting thing about the lake is its floating market. Here you can purchase whatever you want from flowers to handicrafts.

Through Shikara boating you go through Shalimar Garden, Nishat Garden, and Hazratbal Mosque. Especially, flowering gardens in the journey allure you a lot. And then the stunning views of the lake enclosed with greenery and floating markets looks amazing. However, boating in Dal Lake completely different from all others.

  1. Kumarakom Backwaters:

As we all know, Kerala is known for its backwaters. It is the major tourist attraction of Kerala. On the backwaters of Kerala, houseboat rides experience is just awe-inspiring. Kumarakom Backwaters are one of the best places for houseboat rides in Kerala. Enjoying the journey in houseboats amid lush greenery and tranquil waters seem to be lovely.

You can opt houseboats for two to three days stay or more but you have to book in advance. Traveling through the panoramic views of the town everything related to nature takes you into a peaceful world. Particularly, overnight stay in houseboats is indescribable in words. But the journey experience with houseboats longs forever.

  1. Ganga Ghat:

Those who want to experience boating on spiritual waters means, you have to visit Ganga Ghat in Varanasi. Not only this but also there are different ghats, but Ganga Ghat is the best place for boating. Through boating on Ganges waters you can visit different ghats each ghat was known for different heritage and historical sites. With all these sites you can witness the spiritual side of Ganges waters.

The best time to enjoy the pristine waters of Ganges means during sunrise or sunset. At this time the river looks very bright and authentic with the shades of sunrises. If you are interested you can go for Aarti ceremonies at night into the middle of the river through boating. Book the Maharajas Express train online to experience the holy city Varanasi.