Top Things to do on Holiday the Whitsundays


Vacations are something in which everyone wants some kind of activity of their interest and wants to visit their favourite places on earth. And as Whitsunday Islands are considered as a most beautiful group of islands on earth, so every year in the summer season a great number of people are drawn towards here. And no doubt these islands have got some kind of activity that could suit every person’s mood. And the only way to experience these activates is by Whitsundays Day Tour. And among all the vacation destinations Whitsunday Islands are on the list of top 10. And no doubt you will find many interesting things to do here with many marvellous places to visit. And first of all the best thing about this trip is the Whitehaven Beach which is one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

Whitehaven Beach

This beach does not require any kind of introduction because if once you see the pictures of this beach then you will realize that what you have missed in your previous vacations. And this beach is a kind of symbol to represent the natural beauty of Australia on the postcards, stamps etc. IF you are thinking that it would be just some normal beach with trees and sand, then you are wrong, because this is the largest island among all other Whitsunday Islands. And here you will find the history of people who used to live here in the ancient times.

Daydream Island

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of these islands from the air where you can easily find helicopter tour and seaplanes in which you can mesmerize yourself with the natural beauty in its original state. As from above, you can capture the true beauty of these islands in a single shot. IF you are an adventurous person then in one of these resorts you can find the raft boat with high-speed engines. So get ready for some ultimate fun on the ocean water instead of some narrow river. And no doubt it would be a totally new experience for you to ride a raft boat in the ocean. Among all the four resorts that reside in these islands, Daydream Island has the best resort above all.

Hamilton Island

This is not a huge island, instead all this island has got is a resort, a spa, and a restaurant. So get yourself relaxed in the spa with a massage, or just eat the delicious Australian seafood in the restaurant. But if you are not feeling to do anything then just lay beside the pool, and enjoy the sun. Just a bit far from this small island, there is a busy island which would let you enter the modern world in the natural surrounding which is known as Hamilton Island. This island consists of several restaurants, shopping malls etc. And if you want to get more surprised, then this island also has an airport. Besides this, if you want to see the beautiful Australian Wildlife, then all you need to do is to enter the zoo in Hamilton Island. Here you will find Kangaroos which is the national symbol of Australia, Crocodiles, Alligators, Koala Bears, and Wombat etc. And for the tourists, these exotic animals are put on display twice in a single day. And all these activates are best for any kind of person.