Ways to Keep Your Luggage Safe while Traveling


Nowadays, there has been a significant increase in the number of travelers per day. The number of international tourists worldwide increased from 674 million in 2000 to 1.19 billion in 2015. Chances of bags being mishandled and lost are now higher than ever. In 2015, reports recorded that about 23.1 million bags have been either lost or mishandled.

In other words, that’s an average of two bags stolen, lost, or mishandled for every flight. This is alarming news especially since we do not want to lose any of our valuables when we travel. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to keep your luggage safe when you travel.

Make Your Luggage Stand Out

Having a unique-looking luggage not only enhances your look but also keeps your luggage safe when you travel. Nowadays, most suitcases look the same, so there’s a high chance that another person might mistake your luggage as their own.

That’s why you need to personalize yours. You may opt to have yours in a bright color that’s easily noticed. You can even simply put a suitcase cover on it. Also, don’t forget to have a name tag attached to each of your luggage. It must contain your name, address, and contact information.

Keep Your Luggage in a Safe Location

Sometimes, you have no choice but to carry your luggage even while you travel on foot. It can be very inconvenient as well as unsafe. However, you can opt to store your luggage in a safe location instead while you explore your destination.

Most hotels and train stations offer facilities to store your baggage. Unfortunately, you can’t be certain that their services are available when you get there. Also, you can’t book them in advance. But, don’t worry since Luggagehero.com has over 120 partner shops in Copenhagen or London where you can safely store your luggage. It costs only €1 per hour and comes with a free insurance up to €670 per luggage.

Install a Lock in Your Luggage

Having a lock for each of your baggage is always a good idea. It prevents thieves from easily opening your suitcase. However, keep in mind that you must abide by the specific baggage lock requirements of the country you’re visiting. Some security officers might inspect your bag using their universal master keys.

Use an App to Locate Your Luggage

Technology has gone a long way that you can even track your luggage using your phone. Simply place a tracker device on your bag. It must then be connected to an app on your phone. Afterward, if ever your bag gets lost or stolen, you can easily know its exact location.

Get an Appropriate Travel Insurance

As an additional precautionary measure, purchase a travel insurance that includes a baggage coverage. Remember that your airline won’t take responsibility for your lost or mishandled baggage. Thus, it is best to get an insurance especially if you’re carrying expensive gadgets such as smartphones, cameras, and laptops. Also, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.