What Is the Safe Driving Course Offered By a Few Driving Schools?


Looking at the increasing trend of road accidents occurring in Australia, many driving schools are now trying to introduce a safe driving course for not only new drivers who are interested to obtain their driving license but also for regular drivers too.TRENT, which is a well-known driving school has introduced an NSW Safer Drivers Course for all the new learners who want to learn driving cars and other vehicles to obtain a necessary license. What a safe driving course is?This kind of safe drivers course has been designed for all the learner drivers who are interested to learn a little more about safe driving to reduce risks as well as anticipate different hazard situations on the road and how to make well-informed decisions while on the road.This course will be taught through in-class activities as well as during car coaching sessions. This safer driver’s course can help new learners to be safe even after their driving test. This course will be more fun, engaging, and also quite informative.During the theory class, all learners will be influenced with the help of meaningful peer group discussions for adopting safer driving behaviors. All the instructors will facilitate the entire sessions so that each learner will walk away with a few key messages and strategies for minimizing their risk while they are behind the wheel.After that, all the learner drivers will use their learnings from the above discussion into practice, while driving their cars with a trainer. During this time, the trainer will also guide learners about how to use risk management strategies that were discussed and help them to adopt low-risk driving behavior.What are the benefits of the safe driver’s course?After completing this safer driver’s course, the learners will get a much better understanding of driving their vehicles. It is expected that learner drivers after undergoing this course will have fewer crashes as compared to provisional drivers. However, this will not mean that all other drivers will be less skilled as compared to these learners who will undergo a safer driving course, but rather these learners can meet the new challenges that may develop on the road much better. A few other benefits that one can get after completing this new course are:

  • Can develop a better ability to identify various hazards on the actual road
  • Can understand how to minimize crash risk
  • A much better understanding as a licensed driver
  • Can develop a better understanding of various low-risk driving techniques.

Duration of the courseThis new safe driver course will be of the duration of 5 hours where 3 hours will be theory-based and 2 hours will be spent on practical lessons on the road.This course is very well designed for both new learners who want to apply for their driving license and also also for a regular driver who has been driving for a few years and likes to refresh their understanding of safe driving.The fee charged for this course is not very high and hence people who are interested to get their driving license must undergo such a safe driving course.