What to consider when planning destination weddings

destination weddings

If you’re considering having your wedding ceremony in a foreign land, then there are many things you have to think of, and you should begin your planning way ahead in advance. Destination weddings make the ceremony more intimate with your closest family and friends being there to celebrate it with you in a romantic place. It also allows you to combine your wedding and honeymoon location into one. The first step is to think about where you will want to have this wedding, and there is no better place like Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the most romantic places in the world with very many idyllic sites to have your ceremony, from the jungle to the mountain top, beautiful beaches, by the Cliffside, to mention a few. Here are some things that may consider when planning for a destination wedding.

  1. Your guest-list

Destination weddings are very intimate affairs; therefore, you might want to think about inviting only those people who are very significant to your life. 20-30 is a good enough number. Invite your immediate family and those friends who are like family to both of you. Also, ensure to notify them well in advance so that they can plan for taking time off and also the traveling expenses unless you are ready to cater for everyone.

  1. Visit in advance

Before deciding on the exact location where you want to have your wedding, you should visit the place at least once before to be sure that is what you want. Someone might sell an idea that looks so good in theory, but when you get there, it is something different. Go there before and make any amendments or changes if need be.

  1. Hire a pro

You don’t have to go through this hassle alone if at all it is possible. You most probably do not know the area, and where to get the best things at the best prices; therefore, you’re better off hiring someone more familiar with this kind of thing. Seven agency has wedding packages for destination weddings in Bali that have you covered for everything. It includes the hair and make-up preparation, photography, music, decorations customized for the venue, reception, food, and drinks– the whole deal! They will save you time, effort, and money.

  1. Timing

You should ensure that your dates coincide with when the climate of the destination is at its best behavior. Lucky for you, Bali is one of those places with great weather all year round so whichever time of the year you pick, you will be well and sorted to have the best time of your life.

The last but not least point to note is have fun! The whole point of jetting off to get married in a foreign land is to have the time of your life. Enjoy the entire planning process and while you are there, explore the whole area, enjoy the cuisines there, dance to the music, interact with the people and most of all be a free spirit!