Why A Villa Might Suit You More Than A Hunter Valley Cottage


You might have narrowed down your choices to such an extent that you need to pick between a cottage and a villa in the Hunter Valley area.

These two types of accommodation have many advantages and you should consider all of them before you make your final choice.

You may want to choose a villa over a cottage for several reasons. All of these reasons need to be weighed up against the many benefits that hiring a cottage for yourself and your family is going to have.

There Is Usually More Space In A Villa

  • Space is one of your primary needs when you are looking for accommodation in Hunter Valley NSW before going on holiday. A villa is going to be much more spacious than a cottage because you will have an extra floor and even two. This is going to be essential when you are travelling with your children.

There Is Usually A Pool With A Villa

  • After a long day exploring the vineyards and the hills of the Hunter Valley, you might feel that you need to cool down. This means that you should choose a villa that has a pool, rather than a cottage which does not have one at all.
  • Then you are going to be able to get changed inside the villa and then you can step out into the backyard and into the pool.

You Can Spend Time In Different Parts Of the Villa

  • You may want to spend some time on your own after you have been off exploring the Hunter Valley as a group.
  • You can do this when you have rented a villa because you can stay in your own room and you do not have to go into the communal areas. This is not going to be possible when you are staying in a cottage and everyone is in very close proximity and there is less privacy for you all.

Your Children Can Have More Time To Run Around

  • You might have bought your children along with you do that they are going to be able to experience the nature and the surroundings of this beautiful valley. However, they are probably going to want to release some pent up energy when they get back.
  • The villa is going to be better for the children because they are going to have a large amount of room. The cottage is going to be much smaller so children will not be able to stay in the cottage.


You have a large amount of choice when you are making your accommodation decision. In Hunter Valley, there is no shortage of suitable apartments and houses that you can stay in. You might have decided that you have a choice between a villa and a cottage amongst the vineyards. The villa is going to be more suitable for you when you are in the Valley and your stay is going to be relaxed and comfortable.