Why Campervan Hires Are Popular in New Zealand in the Winter


People love to take road trips in New Zealand. As long as your campervan is winter-ready, there is no reason not to set out for a New Zealand adventure during the winter.

Pure Freedom for the Camping Enthusiast

Whilst New Zealand is considered an ideal destination for road-tripping throughout the year, booking a campervan during June, July, or August is an almost surreal experience. For one thing, you do not have to deal with as many people travelling. If you visit the North Island, you will find that the road is open and free for kilometres ahead. Plus, the beaches are usually deserted and any tourist attractions are easier to see. Nothing spells camping freedom more distinctly than enjoying a beach that seems to be yours and yours alone.

Snow Makes its First Debut in June

Snow first makes its appearance on both islands during the month of June. The snowline is lower, so you will no doubt run into some snow flurries whilst driving. In addition, the ski season begins on the South and North islands in July and August.

Therefore, you can enjoy ski or snowboard activities at Treble Cone, Coronet, and Mt. Hutt on the South Island or find a skiing adventure at Turoa or Whakapapa on the North Island. In order to underscore the upcoming ski season, The Queenstown Winter Festival takes place in mid-June.

A Good Time to View the Surrounding Landscape

Indeed, winter is the ideal time as well to book a campervan hire in NZ as you can enjoy the scenery unlike any other time. That is because winter marks a period when you will experience the clearest air of the year. In fact, you can really see the stars at night when you camp in the mountains as well as the surrounding landscape. During the daylight hours, you can see far into the distance all around.

When you take a road trip via campervan, you also do not want to miss the Bluff oyster season, which is a festive time that runs from the latter part of fall into early winter. A festival related to the season is held in the southernmost spot on South Island annually. Enjoy the festival in May during the last weekend.

If you choose to road trip by campervan during the winter, you will also find that you will save a good deal of money in travel expenses. Because winter is a more peaceful time of year, you will get better deals when you hire a campervan and the cost of certain attractions will be reduced as well.

Dress Appropriately

If you like to fly fish, you will find that winter is a good time for the activity. In addition, cycling, surfing, and walking can be pursued this time of year. Nothing dies during the season. You just need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately.

Because New Zealand sits on a fault line of volcanic activity, you will also want to visit areas such as Rotorua, White Island, and Hot Water Beach, all of which come alive with geyser or volcanic activity. Make plans to soak in a natural hot pool whilst enjoying the crisp and cool winter air. You will love the contrast whilst you are travelling.