Why You Should Visit Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux

Are you up for an adventure trip? Well, in that case, one of the names of places that will linger on your mind is Mont Ventoux. It is one of the most adventurous holiday destinations if you are a fan of cycling. You will have the cycling experience of a lifetime in Mont Ventoux for sure.

Now, you will be wondering from all the destinations around the world, why on earth should you choose Mont Ventoux as your destination for a cycling holiday? The tough route from Bedoin is also used in Tour de France.

So, what makes Mont Ventoux cycling so special? In this article, let’s explore why you should visit Mont Ventoux for your cycling trip.

The Tough Route

If you are someone who loves to ride your cycle on the tough trails, then Mont Ventoux is the ideal place. The route from Bedoin is used in the Tour de France competition is one of the toughest routes where you can ride your bike. The routes from Malaucène and Sault will present their unique challenges while riding the bike. The tough route will pose a challenge in front of you. So, for a passionate cycle rider, it will be a challenge they would love to face head-on.

A Challenge To Your Fitness

Cycling is a cardio activity that can really make you fit. However, when you are cycling on tough trails, your fitness levels will get tested. As a matter of fact, when you take Mont Ventoux cycling trip, you will see that even if you think that you are fit enough to ride the bike on such a challenging trail; you will be gasping for air at some point in time pointing a question mark on your fitness. It can happen to the fittest of the cycle riders.

An Uphill Task for Your Biking Skills In The Truest Sense

Riding cycle in Mont Ventoux is actually an uphill task. As you start cycling, you will realize how tough it is to cycle in this place. Therefore, if you are someone who loves challenges and would want to explore one of the toughest routes of the iconic Tour de France, then a cycling trip Mont Ventoux is something you would love to do.

Should You Bring Your Bike Or Hire It?

If you love to ride your own bike or feel comfortable riding a bike in which you are used to riding, then you should bring your own bike. Otherwise, you can hire bikes of excellent quality at Mont Ventoux and also the biking gears.

Finally, a Mont Ventoux cycling trip will be a memorable trip for you. If you love cycling and take on the challenging routes, then you should make the trip to Mont Ventoux because the bike rider in you will get tested in the truest of sense.