Worth Visiting Spots of Italy

Spots of Italy

Traveling is a good thing and it adds more to the experience of a person. It’s better to go out and see the things you haven’t seen before. The People who are fond of traveling, plan their tours so often. Italy is considered to be the most favorite among tourists. Not only are the tourists, the Italians also amazed by the beauty and landscapes of Italy. Italy is considered to be the most beautiful in Europe and is the worlds largest amass of art treasures. Other than the beauty and arts treasures, Italy is famous for its delicious cuisine. There are some of the reasons for which you should be planning to visit Italy.

Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum is the world’s biggest Roman arena is visited the most by the visitors. It was built in AD 80 and it the center of attraction for the tourists. There was a time when the animals’ fights were conducted in the Colosseum and it just happened on specific events. Near this colosseum there is a roman forum and palatine hill and they both are considered to be the top rated ancient spots in Italy. The underground passages of the colosseum are only opened for special guided tours and those tours include the general admission.

Pisa tower

Pisa tower is the spot worth seeing. It is included in the most visited places of Italy. It is the most famous and beautiful tower in Italy and is the center of attraction for the tourists. To get on the top of the tower, you have to climb more than 300 stairs steps. There are also some famous monuments near this tower which are worth visiting and they are as old as the tower. These monuments include the cathedral of white marble. The bell tower was made for this cathedral and it is considered to be the largest tower in Italy.

Pompeii City

This is a roman city and was built in 79 AD. This city has villas, shops, temples and baths. You can spend hours in visiting this city and will not get bored as it is beautiful and is the attraction for those who love to see ancient Rome.

Whenever you plan to visit Italy, know that the best time for you to plan the tour is in spring or in autumn. Avoid planning the tour in summer as it will be hot and Italy is the most crowded those days and the winter could be cold and dry but in south Rome it’s never too cold.

It would be better that you do travel insurance for Italy before planning the tour so that this insurance could cover the extra costs and benefits for you.