5 Unmissable Things To Do When You Are In Sydney


Australia is one of the most interesting places on the map that you can visit. It offers something for everyone. From untouched nature to busy cities, Australia has got it all. The first stop on your road trip should definitely be Sydney. Located in New South Wales, this is one of Australia’s most famous cities due to its versatile culture and numerous opportunities for fun and adventure. It almost seems impossible that one city can have it all, but here we are. Here’s what not to miss on your next visit to Sydney.

1. Join the Vivid Festival

When visiting Sydney, make sure the dates are between May and June. Otherwise, you’ll miss the most spectacular festival of the year. This 23-day spectacle features elaborate projections and mesmerizing lights that would make anyone feel like they’ve stepped into a fairytale.

Of course, it doesn’t boil down to just marvelling at the beauty of the lights and projections. The festival is actually highly interactive, supported by the fact that passers-by were able to change the lights of the Harbour Bridge in the previous years. Another interesting feature in the past years was being able to light up a chair to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

2. Explore the hiking trails

Aside from being a concrete jungle, Sydney is also home to beautiful and preserved nature. You can test this by exploring two of the most interesting hiking trails that go from Palm Beach to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. The trails vary in difficulty and distance, so it’s advisable to bring your gear and lots of water.

Hiking is the perfect way to take a break from busy life and Sydney’s constant commotions. If you’re looking for peace and a sure way to relax, hiking can be your answer. The view at the top is reward enough for the hardships you might endure on the trails. If it’s whale season, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of them in the water.

3. Meet Australia’s animals up close

Visiting the zoo may seem like something only interesting to children, but the Sydney zoo and Wildlife Park offer an opportunity to get close and personal with koalas and kangaroos. This might be your only chance to see other wild animals up close, too. The Zoo is rather modern and animal-friendly, allowing to feel just like at home.

This also might be your only chance to hug a koala. These soft and sleepy creatures are excellent cuddle and hug buddies, which you’ll soon discover. They’re used to people and their caretakers will be there the whole time, so it’s a perfectly safe experience. Watch out though, the koala may be more interested in its food than hugs.

4. Experience the nightlife

Sydney is known for its notorious nightlife which no one can resist. The best clubs are at your disposal and the whole city is ready to party. You can find world-class nightclubs in parts such as the Surry Hills. Don’t miss out on the venues with live music, either.

There are also sophisticated and high-class places you can enjoy in the Hills. They promise a quieter yet fun evening for those of all ages and interests. When the party’s over but you’re still in the mood for some fun, you can visit one of Sydney’s best and safest brothels nearby. After all, who knows when you’ll be in Sydney next, so why not enjoy it fully?

5. Don’t miss the local fish market

If you’re a seafood lover, the fish market should be your next stop in Sydney. With the ocean being so close by, you’re bound to come across various different sea creatures fresh out of the ocean. Due to the high versatility and quality, the Sydney fish market has an impeccable reputation.

It’s open every day except for Christmas and is located in Pyrmont. For those seafood lovers that just can’t get enough, a behind the scenes tour is available. This way you’ll get to see the interworking of the thriving and living ecosystem which is Sydney’s fish market. One thing’s for sure, you’re bound to make the most delicious seafood dinner due to the quality of ingredients.


As you can see, Sydney has a slice of fun for every curious soul. From sightseeing to nightlife, you’re bound to create memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Don’t be afraid to engage with the locals, either, as they’re very friendly and will likely enhance the whole experience. Aussies are famous for their hospitality, and if you get really close to them, you might even find out some secrets about Sydney only the locals know. After all, the only thing better than making life-long memories is making life-long friends.