The Perks of Private Aircrafts


People own and operate private aircrafts for a few different reasons ranging from agricultural aviation to commuting for business. If you own a private airplane or are looking to purchase one, there are many important aspects to think about besides just getting a pilot’s license like where to store your aircraft or how to buy an aviation fuel tank trailer that perfectly fits your aircraft’s needs. Here are a few things to consider about owning your own private airplane.

With a plane of any size, you need a place to store it. Proper storage is necessary for the maintenance and security of your aircraft, but finding an appropriate storage space can be difficult and occasionally expensive. Private hangars are an ideal choice for safety and convenience, but they are arguably the most expensive option. However, in many areas there are hangars that offer plane storage for a monthly fee. The cost of storage varies from hangar to hanger, and it can also depend on the location of the hangar like whether it’s in a more rural area, which would typically cost less, or in a more expensive location like a city. There is also the option of using tie-downs which quite literally tie the aircraft down to the ground for a secure hold, but this storage method is usually not recommended in regions with harsher weather.

An imperative aspect of private aviation is considering how to buy an aviation fuel tank trailer that is appropriate for your aircraft. Not all fuel tanks are created for the same purpose, and there are numerous types of tanks available for individual needs. It’s important to consider which manufacturers offer Department of Transportation (DOT) code certified tanks, if you’ll be using AvGas or Jet Fuel or if single or double-walled is right for you. Consider a stainless steel tank that is ideal for avoiding rust and potential fuel contamination, and compare the specifications of different trailers for portable aviation fuel storage tanks. With the varied options, you can be sure to find something to suit your specifications.

Ultimately, there are many people who look to private aviation for convenience. If you often travel across state lines for business purposes, the speed and privacy of operating a private aircraft can make the cost worthwhile especially when you would otherwise be paying regular commercial airline fees. The debate over which is cheaper typically depends on your circumstances, but many pilots find that the time saved by skipping check-ins, security checks and boarding are worth the cost. Often the flight itself can be shorter in a private flight than a commercial one if the pilot uses smaller airports. Additionally, private flights add the perks of having no layovers and being able to change your flight time without paying for a new ticket.

With private aviation, the pros and cons can weigh themselves differently if you’re an ag pilot or a recreational pilot. From how to buy an aviation fuel tank trailer to whether you should fly commercial, the choice to purchase a private aircraft requires thorough research and consideration.